Got her too

I've been having an affair with a friend of mine's ex-wife for about two years. It started when they were still married. He started drinking, flirting with other women, etc. When he finally admitted he'd been sneaking behind her back I consoled her, which led to her riding my dick on her couch into the early hours of thr morning. She's tall, blonde, in great shape. A total shy milksop for personality but a total freak in the bed. She's goes from polite whisper to a raving moaning porn star when her clothes come off.

Anyway, my friend remarried right before the pandemic to the girl he cheated on the ex-wife with. She's a few years younger than us. Mid 20s, brunette with wavy hair. Slight build but pretty cute. We started hanging out again recently and she's been all over me. Making suggestive glances at my crotch, touching my arm and laughing when we talk, playing footsie with me under the table, etc.

The other night when my wife and I were hanging out with them at their house I excised myself to go to the bathroom. When I came put she was waiting for me in the hallway. "I told them I was tired and was going to bed" she said, biting her lip and looking at my crotch.

I didn't say a word. I grabbed her by the wrist and dragged her into the bathroom. I put her on her knees and she gladly took my cock in her mouth. After bobbing on it for a few minutes I put her on the sink counter and ripped her leggings and underwear off. After eating her pussy I gave her the hardest pounding she's ever had. I had to gag her with a sock and hold my hand over her mouth to keep her quiet. I left her a quivering mess in the bathroom floor with my cum dripping out of her. I hope she wants another hookup soon. Her tight little cunt felt amazing. Maybe I can get her and the blonde at the same time. I'd love to watch them eat each other's pussy while I fuck them.

2 days ago


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    • I admire your disregard for marital status. Most woman dont let being married get in the way of a good hard time, so why should we? FUCK all them. Lay them all down and knock them all up. Bang City. Bang City!

    • Watch some Popeye cartoons

    • Maybe this first one second story bullshit

    • Thank God I don't have friends like you!

    • How do you know?

    • I bet Ex's buddy is #1 on list of guys divorcees fuck first. They're known nice guys they trust. And women crave dick once they had it, like putting tooth paste back in the tube when their steady dick is gone. An old GF said she never ever suck a dick. I told I'd take her on a cruse if she gave me a blowjob on my birthday -- deal I'll do it once and it's a BD present. Lynne first blowjob was nothing to put on the postcard to my buddy, but seeing dick in her mouth was priceless. Next morning, another one "fuck, I love sucking dick." -- We split, my buddy runs into her shopping and she give him a BJ in the parking lot.

    • Gotta love a woman CAPABLE of changing her mind!! I"ve never known one who could! They is all Ass Bitches!!! God damn!!

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