Hotels you have to love them

At a wedding, we had a room at the hotel where the wedding reception was taking place, wife and I invited to the wedding of one of her work colleagues. As always way too much to drink, so at the end of the night I said I had, had enough to drink and was exhausted from the long day and was heading to our room.

I managed to get there without any mishaps and collapsed on the bed, managed to get out of my clothes and got into bed. Got back up as I had forgot to brush my teeth. I knew there would be no chance of any nookie as my wife had also had a few glasses of wine and she would also stagger up and into bed and be asleep before she had a chance to remove her makeup.

I was sound asleep when I heard the door open and close. I could sense someone else in the room and the unmistakable sound of someone undressing and long zippers being lowered. I imagined my wife would have the mother of all hangovers in the morning so said nothing.

She got into bed and put her arms around me? I could feel she was naked, which was a surprise as she normally wore panties in bed? Yep no mistake about being naked. She reached round and and tried to turn me over, it was almost 3 am and totally dark. I reached out and made contact with her breast's, and then ran my fingers down her tummy to her beaver, which wasn't there? Had she shaved it? I continued my fondling and squeezed the cheeks of her ass, which fleet a little larger and firmer than my wife's? I put my head between her legs and liked her pussy lips, wow she tasted great and was so wet. I found her clit and sucked for about 20 minutes, she climaxed and I got on top of her and rode her like my life depended on it. I felt my own climax and left my hard cock inside her, I knew she would be mad about that in the morning, exhausted I rolled over and fell asleep.

Morning came, I woke up and laying next to me was a complete stranger, she had been at the wedding but I didn't know her? She woke about the same time as me, saw me turned red and jumped naked out of bed! Wow what a sight, she must have been 10 years younger than me, she was trying to cover herself when the door opened and my wife walked in, she was naked except for her bra and panties, the other woman left, my wife looked a bit worse for wear. Her tits were covered in hickies as was the tops of her thighs? I guess I had had my fun with a strange pussy, and she must have had fun with strange cock!

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  • I did something so stupid because my husband was being such a drunk asshole.

    Quick and to the point. A few years ago my husband and I went to a wedding. He drank way too much way too quickly. An hour into the reception he was too drunk to even eat. At the hotel We stopped in bar to order room service. The bartender said I could order it here but would have to pick it up there too. He said I could order room service in the room and it would be delivered. As drunk as my idiot husband was I didn’t want to be around him so I told the bartender I’d be back in 15 minutes. In the room I dumped the idiot on the bed. Took his shoes and pants off. Loosened his tie and unbuttoned his shirt. I switched to something more comfy and headed down to eat in peace. While eating this guy started talking to me. Not bad looking, fit. He told me he saw how drunk my bf was (I left my ring in the room), I didn’t correct him. I told the guy my bf had been stressed out but yeah he drank too much. 15 minutes later he asked if I wanted to go to his room. I asked him why and he gave me the right answer. He said “You’re very attractive and sexy. I want to fuck you!” We went to his room and he did fuck me. He fucked me pretty good too. Not the best ever but good. Around 330a I went back to my room. My husband still passed out but obvious signs he’d been up. I showered the cum off my tits and out of my hair. I curled up beside my drunk asshole husband. In the morning he woke up never knowing I for the first time ever cheated on him. I do not regret it and if the opportunity came up again I’d do it again.

  • Our fire house Christmas party, I had retired with my wife to the room around 12am. They always have it at the Hilton. It was around 4am when I kept hearing noises outside my room, I went to take a look and it was Tom and his gf Amanda. They were so drunk they didn’t know where they were or which room was there’s. I tried to tell my wife I was taking them to their room, but she wouldn’t wake up. I get these two to their room I help Tom to the bathroom where he just puked all over and falls to the ground. I step out of the bathroom, and Amanda is asking for help to take her shoes and dress off, I closed the door to the bathroom leaving just a small crack to allow just a little bit of light into the room. I kneed down next to the bed and help take the strap off her heel, and Amanda spreads open, asking me to eat her out. I did exactly as she asked, I snapped a few pics of us together. We kissed and fucked, she kept calling me Thomas, and babe, I asked if she would swallow, she said you know I do, I said I wanted to cum inside of her and she said I never stopped you before. When we finished, she fell asleep in my arms, I got dressed and took Toms pants off, down to his ankles, and took her panties as a keepsake. I returned to my room and didn’t wake up until 10am when the wife was sucking my dick. Amanda was like 22, for me being 40 it was amazing.

  • Hotel wedding after parties are the best. I barely remember being naked from the waist down, with three other bridesmaids, getting fucked on a balcony, with people laughing and cheering. I fully remember waking up in a strangers room with an other woman asleep on the floor and two guys in bed with me.

  • Hotels are without a doubt the best place for sexual activity. When I was younger, a vacation to me and my girlfriend was a night in a hotel. We would get some friends to go with and then drink and fuck all night. Sometimes we swapped partners, other times we would have sex in the same room. There was one time when my girlfriend and I had gone to her relatives. It was a long trip and we stopped in a roadside hotel. We were just about to get it on when I hear a knock and some woman saying let me in babe. I opened the door completely naked and told her wrong room. She looked down at my dick and smiled. Then she noticed my naked girlfriend. She was clearly intoxicated and asked if we were swingers. I told her we had done it before. She asked if we wanted to swing with her and her boyfriend. Then she went next room over and got her boyfriend. We all 4 sat naked and drank before I went with the woman to her room and her boyfriend stayed and fucked my girlfriend. They were probably 15 years older than us, but her pussy was hot and she knew how to fuck. Have no idea what their names were.

  • Not too bad. Not as bad when my wife and I went to a wedding and got drunk, it was one of her college friends and we didn’t know anyone there but ended up at an after party. I passed out on the sofa and woke up looking for my wife who was in the bedroom getting plowed by some stranger from the wedding. The party was down to 4 guys and they told me to hang tight, my wife would be out in a bit. I was so drunk I couldn’t fight them or anything, and she couldn’t either.

  • Fight them? Did they all fuck her?

  • So you never asked where your wife was? Seriously? Not even to get the details of how she was fucked?

    I had a similar but much worse experience at a wedding. I got very drunk and my wife took me back to the room. Waiting on the elevator there was a handsome man Waiting with us. He asked if I was ok and if my wife needed any help. She thanked him and took him up on his offer. I’m 6’ and my wife is 5’1” and maybe a 100lbs. The man helped me into the elevator and then to the room. In the room I have no idea what happened but I obviously passed out. When I came to my wife was completely naked and the guy who helped me to the room was fucking her bent over the desk in the room. I managed a muttering if something like wtf is going on!? The next morning same thing. My wife was covered in hickies and bruises. When I asked what happened she said since I was drunk she took up a nice gentleman on his offer to be fucked by a real man.

  • ^^ you should have thanked him! It's quite clear you are a lesser man!!
    Put your wife on so I can speak with her?

  • She has told me that she thinks about the older man sometimes and she thinks about it when we have sex. So yeah I am a lesser man.

  • When will she be able to talk!?

  • She said she will answer any questions anyone has. Even those that she might not have thought to tell me. How she felt while it was happening, after and if anyone has questions about how she feels now.

    Please don’t ask any questions. I am very worried what the answers might be.

  • How did it feel while another man was inside you?

  • I was pretty drunk too but it was great. He was about the same length as my hubbie but oh my he was much thicker. Felt like I had a fire hydrant in me. 😜

  • I agree, I’m more interested in what your wife did!

  • She blew him and he fucked her. She was on the pill and the slut let him cum in her pussy! The hickies are kind of self explanatory but the bruises came from her telling him she likes rough sex and loves to be spanked. Which reminds me he left his belt in our room. She played with him and pretended to fight him off. The more she fought the more turned on he got and the tougher he was with her. The tougher he was with her the more turned on she got.

    When we got home (arguing the entire drive home) she dumped our dirty clothes in the laundry room. I know she did it on purpose but right on top was her thong turned inside out just covered in his cum.

    She got his number and they chatted for like a year and I believe they met up a few times because ever couple of months she has the same hickies and bruises.

    Would it surprise anyone that we are now divorced? Well we are. Never knew what a slut my wife was for older men.

  • Slut? Fuck you pencil dick. Lol

    You’re the lightweight that got so drunk a man with a thick cock had to take care of his wife.

    Well pencil dick it is best you should stop reading here!

    For the rest of you OMFG!! For being an older man he was a beast. I can’t believe pencil dick slept through the intense pounding I took. Did we meet again 😉

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