Continuing confession #1

Continue my 5 year adulteress affair started in “Sex After Summer Camp”. I forgot my signin and password, so this is to see if this will post or will I need to get another sign in. On another time we stopped in a motel in a large southern motel before going home. We had a great bbq supper and then had sex twice that time The first time in the evening we had more energy. Other than her it was the first sex I had in two years. She laid back with her legs straight up in the air and this was a new thing I had never seen before. There was no worry because her tubes were tied. I had never fucked so hard with so much force before. She was moaning loudly and I came so strong. With her legs still up cum came rolling out of her vagina. The next morning we had a nice cuddle sex session. Then a nice breakfast. We each got in our cars and headed home.

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