Out of hand?

Has anyone been on a relationship that was supposed to be any other thing except sexual, but somehow leaned on that direction and started to get out of hand? Like falling in love with in-laws, being sexually attracted to a superior at work... or perhaps a family member. Such is my case. I'm a woman, 50, and I have a younger brother, a little over 5 years younger. We've always gotten along extremely well, we always joked around a lot and were pretty much each other's most trusted person, respective spouses aside. Nothing sexual between us, ever. But we had an incident a few days ago.
Perhaps it has to do with the sexual craving that comes with 1) both of us being recently divorced from boring marriages, and 2) as a result, living under the same roof to cut expenses, and being stuck in there right when the pandemic got here. No one else has come or gone through our door since all this started. Nothing weird happened at the beginning, but our behavior kinda started to shift a few weeks ago. Exercising or wearing summer clothes was met with slightly but increasingly flirty comments from my brother, and I started to notice him as a man. He takes extraordinary good care of himself and he looks younger than he is. I don't look bad myself, but his arms and pecs are big and chiselled. So one night we were just messing around and drinking a bit when this song came out and we started to dance goofily. That turned into "normal" dancing... and then into sexy dancing. Before I knew what was happening I was rubbing mi hips against his crotch, he started to grope my breasts and kiss my neck. When I felt how big his erection was it was almost impossible to stop myself, but somehow I managed to do so. He stopped right in his tracks and didn't attempt anything else I didn't want to. He said we would go to sleep, and since then we've been avoiding each other. The pandemic is out of control here, so either of us moving out is not an option... but it's a small appartment. We can only avoid each other for so long. A part of me wants to just talk with him and somehow fix it to pretend it didn't happen, but the other craves for a man like him to come around and have his way with me. I know it's not common for this things to happen... but has anyone else been in a similar situation? How did you proceed?

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