Sexual with my brother's wife

My brother and her wife has been living in different countries for various reason(specially stuck due to pandemic). So for about 2 years they have been away from each other. My brother apparently have started to have an affair with one of his colleagues, after which my brother's wife started to go in depression. So to cheer up I started to keep her entertained, but in last few months things heated up. We started to get sexually active. I know this might be incest but I think I can't leave her.

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  • My husband was killed in a carjacking, we didn’t have much, a small little life insurance. I gave in to the support of his friends as they came over to comfort me, sex after sex, after sex with a buddy, after buddy. Then COVID hit and I relocated to my brother in-laws cabin. I spent 6 months with him everyday, day and night, and then one night we gave into each other’s sexual needs. I don’t know what else to say

  • First you dead husband had no friends. Real friends would not touch you with a ten foot pole even if you begged for it! Second your brother in law is a sick fuck for going after you and dishonoring his dead brother. But we all know that your post is just as fake as the original story is! PS one more thing you are a male not female as well. Don't even start with I'm a female because it won't work dude.

  • I agree... I don't want to just use her... i love her... i agree she is brother's wife, but still i have seen her suffered... don't want her to get lost in her life.

  • Yes it is lame incest and you know it! You clearly don't give a rats ass about your brother either! Just another fuck head who can't control his urges. His wife needed a therapist for her depression and you need a shrink for your sick urges. Hope your brother comes back and beats the fucking shit out of you!

  • Giving in to the desire to fuck a sibling's partner is not true incest to me.

  • What you just stated is what is wrong with you! If you had a wife you truly loved and your brother or anyone fucked her behind your back. Would you like it? Legally it is incest! Are you that pathetic that you can't leave your family members alone? If you can't you are a lame sick loser!

  • Of course I wouldn't like it. The same would apply if a friend betrayed me in the same way. But they are only related by marriage, not blood, they are not siblings.

  • That doesn't matter! First by law it is incest, so thats that! You might not like it but nothing you are not going to change.
    It takes a bigger man to resist the temptation to cheat or refrain from having sex with someone you know thats it is wrong.
    Any sick fuck who can get a hard on, can fuck!
    But only a real man can control himself and be able to choose who they are going to fuck!

  • So I guess there are not many of your real men, then.

  • Plenty real men around!
    Just a few sick fucks that can't control themselves! They usually do something stupid and end up in jail!

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