Wife dancer to..?

This damn pandemic managed to destroy our finances, I was laid off when the place I worked at was forced to close.
Needless to say, the bills pile up fast, sure, we can delay the mortgage so at lease we are not homeless, but that piles up too.
My wife used to dance in a Gogo bar, topless back then, not full naked like now. But the money was good.
So she went to work in a place North of us that is well known for lots of things going on.
For the first month she was bringing home around $90-120 a shift, not bad for four hours but still, short of what we needed. Before I was making $26.80 per hour.
The wife told me some of the girls made big bucks doing the parties, but that meant she would be fucking some of them.
Unemployment was helping and she was bringing in cash but the chance to pull $500 extra at a party was almost too much to resist. Then she told me that she turned a few tricks back in college to help with the bills, and also did a few special guys when she was dancing.
So, why not?
I let her choose, and if she doesn't want to, NBD.
Now she has two special guys she brings home, $250 each, plus about once a week the party.
I suppose that is wrong but once the pandemic is over we can go back to normal.

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  • Let me see how her pussy looks jerrybob1221@yahoo.com

  • My wife used to do gang bangs back in college to pay her college tuition. She used to have sex with 10 to 20 guys every weekend.

  • I agree, sometimes people need to pay the bills, and if giving someone some pleasure is a way, it's not a problem, at least for us. My wife had sex with others before we met, so did I, and we are both fine with it. Hell, one of her ex boyfriends is my best friend and he never touches her now. Once the immediate needs are met, we go right back to being faithful, except for once in awhile at a party for fun with someone we like.

  • So why not? Because you're pimping your wife out and other men are unleashing their load in her...that's why not.

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  • Thats your wife's new job she won't go back

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