Grandson took me up on my offer

I have a little fun with my grandson everytime im around and he takes a shower i offer to help and he just laughs it off, yesterday around 10 in the morning i went to see my daughter as she was heading to the shops she said i can wait and my grandson was showering so i called out and offered to help, only a few minutes past he came downstairs and walked into the living room butt naked and with a hard-on and said can you help me with this,I wasn't sure if he meant it at first but when he started getting closer i knew he did, holding his big fat meaty cock we definitely crossed that line,it's been along time since ive had a young man and he was definitely enjoying it with his moaning and groaning,I didn't want my daughter to see us and told him we should carry on with it upstairs and we could do something else, getting to his room and taking my knickers off happened so fast i forgot about my daughter it was like feeling like a teenager again as he was smashing into me for 5 minutes then tells me his going to cum and starts ejaculating until he's drained, minutes later my daughter came back and asked me how he's been and not thinking i said he was fantastic,im 57 and he's 22 i really hope i get with him again.

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  • Fake shit. Stop pretending to be a woman

  • I'm a 63 year old widow. I live with my divorced daughter and her 14 year old son. My grandson fucks us both in the evenings and at weekends. My daughter likes to eat me out after her son has cum off inside me.

  • Old sluts never die! They just keep victimizing...

  • My grandma is still good looking. She sleeps like a log. I'm thinking of sneaking into her bed and fucking her when she is asleep.

  • Just hearing my mom getting fucked. Especially having a loud orgasm. I jerked off every time.

  • Does your grandson still live with his mother? Why would your daughter ask how he's been if he's 22? Does he have something wrong with him? Inquiring minds like mine want to know.

  • Congratulations.
    Sounds like a great situation.

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