She helped me figure it out

In h.s. i was with my gf from grade 10 almost thru graduation. We really loved each other, but something was always missing and she knew it. We would have long heart to heart talks about anything and everything on a daily basis and she was my best friend. One night we were fooling around and she just stopped and looked up at me and asked me if i wished i could do what she was doing to me. I asked her like what do you mean? She asked would i like to be giving a blowjob right now. It was like she could see right thru me. I couldnt lie to her and admitted that yes i really would like that. She said i knew it! and we had great sex. After that she acted more like my wingman instead of my gf, always trying to pick up gay guys for me. She even set up a tinder account trying to find what she called the perfect guy for me. We did end up having a few threesomes, but she didnt want to be with me after seeing me with guys. I took the breakup really hard but i am glad she helped me figure things out

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  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • So are you gay now?

  • My first girlfriend my freshman year in high school set me up with her boy cousin who was 17. I didn't even know that I was bi but he fucked me the first time I met him?

  • How did that play out? How did she set you up? Did she watch you guys together? So many questions!

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