Will she keep it (Part2)

As Cassie stared at my dick I could see both of them sat down and were getting hard nips, I walked around the coffee table and stood in front of them and said "Ok, You can have a look and then I think we should get dressed", My SIL looked up at me and said "I want to make a pact", I said "What sort of pact?", She looked at Cassie and said "Never, Ever do any of us utter a word of this to anyone, Like anyone...EVER", She held up her pinkie finger and Cassie and I did the same, We all pinkie swore never to say a word which is why I am posting here since it's my only way to tell this, After we broke off our pinkie shake my SIL took Cassie's wrist and moved her hand to my dick, Cassie wrapped her hand around my dick and started stroking it, My SIL reached out and cupped my balls and I bit my bottom lip, She looked up at me and said "hey...If you can't fuck your SIL and her best friend and keep it secret who can you?", I nodded and said "Ya".
My SIL stood up, Took Cassie by one hand and me by the other and led us to the bedroom, We didn't turn on any lights but the light from the other room light things up very well, My SIL pushed me back on the bed and I moved up to the head board, Her and Cassie crawled up the bed on their hands and knees and started sucking me, They didn't waste any time and were taking turns licking and sucking, Cassie is much louder than my SIL and gives a sloppy bj while my SIL is more slow and sensual but can take way more dick before gagging, Cassie sucked the knob and maybe an inch before pulling back and gasping, My SIL slid her lips over the knob and worked her way down the shaft getting probably half way before gagging, Pulling back and going for it again, I watched her scrunch her eyes and arch her back as she gagged 3-4 times before giving up and saying "It doesn't even fit in my throat", My SIL slid up beside me kissing me and I got to finally massage her huge tits, I rolled her nips as she moaned and said "Oh fuck yes", Cassie was sucking me and I pulled my SIL to her knees and I slid down getting her to straddle my face, I held her barely there hips as she lowered her bald little pussy with just a little bit of pink flaps sticking out, I slid my tongue right in her and she moaned, Shook and sat down, She was so wet and tasted so good, A little salty from sweat but tasted great, After a minute or so she flipped her leg over and knelt beside me, shaking and saying "I don't want to cum on your face", I sat up and Cassie sat back, I rolled my SIL onto her back and spread her legs, Cassie crawled over to her chest and started sucking her nips as I rubbed my knob on her wet pussy.
My SIL squeaked "gentle, You're huge, Be gentle", I pressed forward and my knob slid in, My SIL moaned and tensed up, I paused ad she relaxed so I slid a little more in, I kept pulling back and pushing forward keeping my knob I and she kept tensing up, Her and Cassie were kissing and sucking each others nips and then I slid it all the way in, My SIL panted and her legs shook, She was making a weird panting sound and grabbed Cassies wrists, She tensed up 3 times and then moaned loudly, I knew what was happening and pulled back, I let her squirt one big splash and then pushed it back in her, She let go of Cassie and was stretching her fingers then balling up her fists and moaning, Cassie kissed her and she kept shaking and twitching and then finally gritted her teeth, Looked right at me and moaned "I can't stop cumming".
I had never experienced anything like that and it lasted like a full minute before she moaned "Stop, Stop, please stop", I stopped and she pushed me back slowly, As my cock slid out of her she moaned "Fuck, Fuck, Fuck" and when it popped out she gasped for air. She was holding my hips tight and shaking and said "I need a minute", Cassie jumped into action and pulled me to her but I got on my knees by her face and I could tell she didn't want to suck my dick because I had just pulled it out of my cumming SIL but she finally took my dripping wet dick and lid her lips over the tip, I pushed my dick into her mouth and she started sucking it, After I felt she had tasted enough of my SIL's cum I spread her legs, She wasn't as tight as my SIL but it still took a bit to get it in her and she loved fucking, She soon had her legs around my waist and was moaning "Fuck yes, Fuck yes", Cassie lasted about 2 minutes before she moaned and said "I'm gonna cum, Don't stop" and then she came HARD, I didn't even pull out of her and I could feel her cum running down my balls, My SIL had rolled over to us and was sucking Cassies Nips while she came and Cassie had to eventually push her away.
I got back on top of my SIL and slid back in her with my dick dripping Cassies cum and she ever even thought twice, We worked it back in her and I played with her huge tits as they swayed and jiggled, I sucked her nips and kissed her on the lips, I came inside her and didn't say anything because I didn't even go limp, I just kept going and she had another orgasm but this time she was able to keep going, Cassie was on her knees kissing me and I grabbed her hips, turned her and lifted her leg over my SIL's head, Cassie whimpered "Oh no...I don't...I...Uhhh...Oh fuck" and then straddled my SIL's face, My SIL was much less resistant and grabbed Cassies hips and just went for it, I was fucking my 19 year old SIL while her 19 year old best friend sat on her face kissing me, I was living every mans dream.
We spent like an hour and a half going back and forth, It took some work but I got them both to eat each other out and after the first time Cassie was good, She didn't even fight it anymore and I got my SIL to sit on her face while I fucked Cassie, Playing with my SIL's huge tits and then I pulled out and shot my load all over Cassies stomach and tits, My SIL never missed a beat and leaned in sucking my dick, I let her her suck it for a second then leaned back and pushed her head down so the were 69'ing. I sat back and watched for a bit then moved behind my SIL when I was hard again, I grabbed her hips and slid in her from behind while her and Cassie licked each other, I rubbed her little pink butt hole with my thumb while fucking her and eventually came inside her again.
I pulled out and Cassie sucked me then went back to licking my SIL, I sat back and watched them as they both made each other cum and then we all collapsed on the bed, I spent a long time just touching and kissing them both until finally we all agreed we should shower, We had a shower and my SIL lathered up my dick and stroked it, I told them to both get on their knees and kiss and they did, It took some work but I managed one half decent sized load on their faces as they kissed which was the best form of ownership of the two of them.
After the shower I kissed them both as we dressed and sucked my SIL's nips a bit then finished dressing, I looked at the time and it was 4:55am, I was like "Oh fuck, I better go" and we all stood at the door, My SIL was just in a pair of shorts and Cassie had on a long t-shirt type thing, I said "One more kiss?" and they both leaned in toward me, I kissed them both and then pushed them together and watched them kiss, I put Cassies hands on my SIL's tits and watched them for about 10 seconds then they pulled apart, I smiled and said "Ok, I have to go", They both nodded and I opened the door, I stepped into the hallway and the door clicked shut just as my wife's cousin Marcus walked around the corner into the hallway.
He walked up, Looked at the room number and raised one eyebrow, Then he smiled and nodded his head and whispered "Both?", I nodded and he whispered "Fukn legend" and laughed as he walked away.
I snuck into our room and my wife was passed out, I got undressed and crawled into bed, I snuggled up behind her and passed out, In the morning my wife woke up, Rolled over to face me and I woke up, She said "We have no kids for 2 more hours" and I fucked her so hard, I don't even know how my dick recovered fast enough to pull it off but she came and I pulled out, Dumped a huge load on her stomach and saggy tits and then we laid there in bed catching our breath. We had a shower and got dressed, Went for breakfast and my heart stopped when I seen Cassie wander in, Grab some fruit and leave again but she never even awknowledged us. My wife said "What time did you come in", I shrugged and said "Pffft, I didn't even look", We had a good day and a good week and then about 2 weeks later was the first time I seen her sister again when she came to our house.
I cornered her in the kitchen and said "Do we need to talk?", She just said "We made a pact", I nodded and said "Ok". Another week went by and I was home alone, She showed up and I let her in, She was dropping off some stuff for my wife and said "Ok, Now we can talk", We had a short discussion and then ended up in the bedroom and I fucked her so hard I had to change the sheets so it didn't smell like her cum, We have been meeting once a week and Cassie has joined us once more, She likes to tell me about her and Cassie and how they hook up all the time now, I keep thinking I should stop fucking her but she loves it and says her and Cassie are contemplating just being together and asked if I would be their "Side dick" so of course I agreed.
I am 100% confident we will eventually get caught but I don't even care, It's too good to stop.

Apr 6

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    • You should make another pact that if you all get found out, you'll still fuck. That's true ownership.

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