Step daughters knickers

Ive recently started sniffing my step daughters knickers and getting a real buzz and turn on from doing this. I have my own daughter and wouldn’t dream of doing it with hers. My wife can be a bit boring sexually and i do admit to having a very high sex drive and some times fantasise of my step daughter catching me or walking in her room and just start rubbing her and getting her going..... The smell of her knickers just makes me want to taste and touch the real thing.....

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  • I am actually sniffing a pair of my step daughters dirty knickers as we speak. mmmm so musky. Really crispy with her dried cunny juice. I would love to lick her pussy for real one day. Enjoy you panty sniffers.

  • My heart is pounding as i look through her hamper. I find her most recently used pair of panties and i take it to my bedroom. I sniff them uncontrollably while stroking my cock vigorously. I find the spot with the strongest sent and i linger there smelling the sweet pussy flavor with a mix of pee. After a while i cannot stand it and i put the stained cotton crotch in my mouth and proceed to suck the stain out. OMG i can taste the pussy, i can even taste some pee, i'm in heaven. The smell, the taste, the fact that these panties ARE better than my wife's makes me cum HARD every time.

  • I’ve licked my stepdaughter feet while she was sleeping. One time she fell asleep in my bed. I flipped around and when she moved her big toe landed inside my mouth. It was heaven I came two seconds into her toe in my mouth

  • OMG. Why would you stop yourself from having two different used panties to sniff, taste and rub your cock on. Do it, you'll probably cum harder than ever.

  • Queer prick

  • I have a 25 yr old step daughter she caught me a few years ago with her painters wrapped around my cock. She called me a perv, and now she leaves me her dirty clothes. She’s even separated the panties stained with her bf cum.

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