My crazy gf wants s*x all the time

My girlfriend wants s** all the time. We both graduated high school last year and I live above my parents garage. She lives with her grandparents and they don’t care were she is. After work she stops by for s** while I’m gaming. Sometimes she’ll spend the night waiting for me to finish but I’m too tired and she gets mad. Her ex-boyfriend is VR teammate of mine. He’s dope at Boneworks! He broke up with her cause she bugged him for s** all the time. I want to break up but she brings over food after work and cleans my room.

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  • During our honeymoon days I, to make my wife sexually active and educative, used to show her xxx videos and have a good collection of porn material as library. Now while I go to office my wife becomes too horny and her hobby has become to watch the porn material. She have become an addict to it. One day while having sex she just suggested her desire to act in such XXX porn. She just requested whether we can have our sex recorded by an expert cameraman and upload the same on internet. Other day she said her fantasy was to act in Porn Film with multiple big cocks fucking and cumming all over her body and holes. I think she needs medical help.

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