Nephew bj

My nephew was home from college because of covid19 and was bored as hell so he asked to stay with me for a bit at my mountain house.
He had just turned 18 and was about to start life , then covid hit. He is a nice boy , hardbody type ,hairless and cute . About the third day he was here the temp went up and it was humid , so we went for a small walk to a spring feed lake on my property . Its more of a pond than a lake ,but whats a title.
The water was cool and I said lets go in , we stripped to our underwear and went in for a while . As we got out I noticed some grass on his back , so I went behind him and pulled it off him . That was the first touch . He said Im dripping ,no towels , we didnt plan this good at all ,So i said take off your underwear and hang it on the tree for a bit,it will dry fast , shyly , he said nooo , so i walked up to him and grabbed them by the waistband and as i slid them down and off , i said dont be shy,were both men . Now there he is,standing there nude ,hairless , nice build ,, mmmm . I took off my underwear and hung it up too . We went back in for another swim .
As we got out I managed to say you have a beautiful body , he smiled and said thanks ,hope it stays that way . I walked over to check if our stuff was dry and it wasnt so we decided to walk back with just our shoes on . When we got the house , its very close,you can see it from the water , We went to the outdoor shower stall i built . Turning on the water he starts showering as im behind him secretly looking at his ass , and he asked if i had a sponge on a stick so he could get the pond scum off his back,i said i dont but ill do it.
So i grabbed the soad and slowly washed his back and neck . I saw this got a little rise from his cock, so i rubbed some soap on his ass too . I turned him around and said let me wash you off good . So I soaped up my hands and ran them around on his chest , paying close attention to his nipples . I notice again he is getting harder . I soap up my hands and start on his stomach , then reached to his balls , and he looked at me in the eyes,and Said nothing .
I washed his balls and cock,which is now hard , knelt down and sucked and licked his hairless balls and cock until he came in my mouth .
I sucked him sometimes twice a day for the 5 weeks he was here .
It was a great time our lives . Oh to be young again

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  • My god, I thought it was his aunt talking at first. I would fuck the shit out of my aunt if I could.

  • Me too

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  • So would most of us.

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