Daddies little sissy

I remember feeling a sting in the back of my neck then I was waking up in bed somewhere. It took a few minutes for my head to clear but when it finally did I could see that the bed had pink satin sheets and pillows on it.I also realized that I wasnt wearing my clothes any more.I couldnt figure out what the hell was going on or why I was dressed in girls clothes.I had on a shiny black PVC miniskirt that was short and tight as hell.It had a belt that had a lock run through it making it impossible to take the skirt off without unlocking the lock and taking the belt off.I pulled the skirt up and discovered my legs were now hairless and I was wearing a pair of shiny pink panties,,White thi high stockings,, a pair of high heels that had a thick strap wrapping around each ankle that also had locks preventing me from removing them either.My finger and toenails were painted a bright pink the same color as my panties and look my bra too.My top was shear white and tight fitting making it obvious that the bra was filled with silicone breast forms. I could smell perform and had on earings,and a necklace.I didnt know what I looked like but bet I was very feminine and sexy probably slutty looking . I heard the door unlock and open so I stood up and turned to see who came in. A big muscular black man came in .closed and locked the door and he was walking towards me. As he got a few steps from me he told me to drop to my knees and I knew he could easily beat the shit out of me so I did as he said .He sat down on the bed ,spread his legs and told me to crawl between them and I was to pull his underwear and pants down like a good little girl because I was going to suck his cock.When I hesitated he told me that when I was given an order If I didnt obey immediatly I would be punished sevearly and ordered again and would be punished until I was obediant. I hesitated for a second and the black moved so fast I didnt have time to react and I was snatched up off the floor laid face down on his lap and my skirt was pulled up and panties down all in what seemed like a second before I was given a hard spanking.I tried to fight and get up but the man held me down in place with one hand and spanked me with the other not stopping untill I was crying sounding like a girl. When he stopped he pushed me to the floor and again ordered me to pull his pants and underwear down and to suck his cock.I was in shock and my ass hurt so bad that I didnt hesitate this time and had pulle his clothes down,,was up between his big muscular legs and had my pink lips wrapped around his big fat cock and I was sucking on it the best I could. I had never sucked a mans cock before but had mine sucked a couple of times so I did what I figured would feel good and tried to make this man cum as fast as possible.Since I didnt know what I was doing I sucked his cock for a long time but eventually he started breathing hard.i felt his cock get bigger and much harder and then it happened. He came hard and my mouth was filled full of his cum and I started swallowing it as fast as I could. I remembered watching porn and the men telling the girl not to let a drop spill or he would make her suck him again until she learned to do it right so I made sure I swallowed it all . When I had swallowed all his cum he ordered me to clean his cock and put it back where I got it from so I licked and sucked his cock and balls till they were as clean as I could get them .After they were back in their place and I had pulled his pants and underwear back up and everything was buttoned and buckled he stood up and told me that I was going to learn to be a good girl and was already learning how to be a good little cock sucker.He told me I was to call him Daddy always ,that he was my trainer .Daddy told me to stand up and follow one step behind him and he would show me around and explain why I was there and what was going to happen to me if I was a good girl and could obey and behave

1 month ago

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