When i was growing (on my younger days) i experimented with sexual objects as often as i could ... but nowadays i find it hard to believe on what young girls are experimenting with.. now a widow and getting getting used to the internet searching methods i accidently got into a porn site and to my attention a very young girl had someone cock in her mouth ...i became curious so i opened the video and to my amazement she could totally engulf the huge adults' cock and that wasn't all she pulled her shorts off and aimed it at her hairless pussy and without any hesitation went all down to his balls aiming the video at her pussy she she wiggled her self on the huge cock .. she pulled herself off got on her knees and the guy aimed it at her well stretched ass and slid it all the way in without any lubricant she groaned a little but he was balls deep on her slamming her without mercy while she rubbed her pussy ... when she was getting off she pushed herself to take it deeper when he was about to cum he pulled out of her he turned around and started to jerk it off on her tiny tits when he shot off his load she didn't hesitate on sucking the rest of it off by engulfing his cock down her throat and letting him fuck her throat ... i couldn't believe that such a young girl could be so experienced and well used in all holes .... having 3 grand children i couldn't take it in my ass or go that deep orally on my husband but i became somewhat interested on what's going on with the younger generation i'll be looking at other videos more often

3 months ago


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    • I’m a grandma as well and just started looking at porn , it’s new to me. Just because we’re getting older doesn’t mean we are dead. Looking at young men and women adds spice to life.

    • You're all a bunch of fucking perverts reading this crap and complaining about it.... but you all keep coming back ..WHO ARE THE SICK PERVERTED FUCKS ???

    • What's with all the negative remarks...? i can tell some if not all of you are miserable lonely jerk offs ... and the only pussy you see in on the web..... suck it up cupcakes you'll never leave your momas basement ... looking at sex videos on the internet

    • I don’t care how much of a whore you are, there’s not a grandmother on the planet that talks like this

    • Wait til you find out about zoo sex and watersports.

    • Oh fuck, your lying ass is here too?
      You fucking lying troll.
      You fucking 18 year old, Army, RN, trans, pedo, loser fucking troll.

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