Rock and Roll Bar

When I was stationed in Korea I brought a 22yo private back to my apartment one night and sucked his dick. I asked if he wanted to suck my dick and he said yes, as he was slipping off my boxers I asked if it was his first time sucking a dick, he kinda laughed and said "I'm from California" lol

He was hot - 22, about 5'7", maybe 130lbs, about 5"cut. He was a smaller guy but had great muscle tone and washboard abs. He had light, fine arm and leg hair, and everything above mid-thigh was shaved baby smooth. After he sucked me a short while, I rolled him onto his back and had to suck that dick again. I tried to choke myself on it, then I lubed my ass up and straddled him. Oh my god, that dick was so fucking good, sturdy as fuck. After riding him a few minutes I rolled onto my back and he got between my legs and slid back up inside me. I caressed his back, squeezed and caressed his ass while he fucked me, and when he pushed up and started fucking me harder, I caressed his chest. He fucked me so good. After he came inside me, I said he could use my shower. After he showered, I sucked his dick again...I needed it...I licked and sucked his hairless balls and licked that pretty little smooth-shaved boy pussy.

I saw him once again, same bar, but I was with friends and he was with people, too. I saw him one other time, a day or two before I left Korea. I saw him right outside my hotel room at Dragon Hill Lodge. I could have taken him upstairs to my room and slobbered on that hot, young dick one more time (I was 33), it was perfect, we were right outside my hotel...I was too fucking chicken. He looked me right in the eye when we passed each other, he wanted that dick again, too. I can't believe I didn't talk to him.

1 month ago

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