Forefilled His Desire

I'm a sexual middle age open-minded woman who lived in the south all my life. I got married very young to an older person and had kids by him. We divorced when I found out he was cheating on me so I started playing around also before we divorced. After the divorce I got into bed with various race of men of various ages. I got addicted to the internet personals. There I was searching for someone I could relate to besides just sex encounters. I met Jon from the internet. He 's four years younger than me and has stamina. We started dating and I grew to like him. On our first date I surprised that Yankee by showing him how good a southern gal can give a blow job. Ever since that night we bonded.
I noticed that whenever we was out and about, he eyed the full figured black gals. "You're interested in them big black sluts aren't you." I said to him. "Yeah! There's something about them that makes my dick hard." he would reply to me. So I started to point them out to him whenever we was out and about and said, "Would you do her!" I confessed to him that I did black and he omitted he did the same but not the full size ones.
His 50'th birthday was approaching and I was going to do something special for him. I approached Nancy, a BBW younger black co-worker who I ate lunch with often. "I'm game if you really don't mind doing it and won't freak out on me!" she answered back to me.
On Jon's birthday, I told Jon that Nancy, my co-worker will help celebrate his birthday. I had Jon open the door for Nancy so he can get a rise from seeing what she looked like. She was wearing a tight skirt and a clinging top. "Hi, I'm Nancy." she said as she stepped in and I watched Jon look at her ass in that tight skirt as she walked in.
Jon and I sat on the couch and Nancy sat across from us while we ate a piece of the birthday cake. I leaned over to Jon and whispered in his ear, "Nice huh!" while I felt his boner and massaged it as Nancy played with her breasts behind her tight top. "Nancy is your birthday gift because you're a special guy!" I started to give Jon a blow job as he watched Nancy lift her top exposing her tits and removing her panty exposing her smooth snatch in that skirt. Then Nancy stood up and removed what she had on and took over sucking Jon's cock. I sat in the sofa chair that Nancy was in and watched Jon play with Nancy's tits as she deep throated his cock. Seeing a white cock used by black bitch was turning me on. She edged up and wrapped her tits around that white cock. My breasts is somewhat small, but Jon enjoys me feeding him my long nipples. I love it when he rubs his dick across then when they are erect.
Seeing Nancy and Jon fuck around got me horny. I played with and pulled my nipples as I masturbated watching Jon's white cock go into Nancy's cunt doggy style and him smacking her ass cheeks hard. "Smack that ass hard!" I yelled. "I want to see your white cock cum all over that fat ass!" Jon exploded all over her ass. I think it was the biggest load that he ever had.
I never thought I had this craving of a boyfriend doing a black fat nigga bitch.


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