I can not get high...

If I do I get super horny and will fuck anything. Years ago I had 2 pot cookies and I thought they tasted weird but I like cookies. This happened at work, in the beginning of a long day, at least 14 hours. An hour or so they hit me and the woman who gave them to me thought I knew they were 'special' but to be honest I wasn't paying attention. Then I start getting a hard-on and I'm looking at every woman, sizing them up and start figuring the odds on getting a quickie, while at work. Nothing came of it except paranoia. I never smoked a thing in my life because my mother smoked cigarettes and thought it was nasty and to this day I can't even hold one, lit or not. Never had the urge to inhale anything.

It was years later my girl baked us cookies and I'm ok with that, I was at home with someone I trust if things go south. We had a couple each and if I ask her what was the best sex she will say cookie night. Now I was effed up for sure and for some reason was obsessed with directions of the compass. All I knew while swimming in my sheets, in my tiny mind, that the headboard was pointing north, but now I am thinking about it, it was definitely pointing east. But for whatever reason I'm like a stallion, my dick was harder and I could not cum, so I kept banging her head on the headboard and flipped her in any position that I could until she fell off the bed. She asked me to stop after awhile because she was sore, not sure if I came that night but whatever.

Now years later from that, I bought some edibles that came in the mail, and to be honest I suffer from chronic pain and my doctors have asked me a few time about using pot to ease my pain so I'm not popping pills for relief. As I spoke about earlier, I can't touch anything cigarette like (you see childhood trauma is real) so I ordered a chocolate bar. It was cut into squares and a piece and a half is ok, but I can't stop moving my legs. So here I am in bed "running" trying to sleep. Now I was down to my last 2 pieces and just finished them both, no need to have a half left over since it won't do anything and I really wasn't too fond of the taste. As usual my legs are pumping and I get a hard one, but I'm not with my gf, she's away taking care of family stuff, her father was sick and was about to die. Earlier that day I spoke to my step sister and I always thought she was attractive but always kept her at arms length, barely spoke to her in over 20 years. Anyway I fall asleep but it only lasted a short time, I don't know what woke me up but whatever it was it didn't matter because at some point I pulled off my underwear in my sleep and had a monster in my hand and my dear, sweet sister became the mental object of my drug induced sex rage. I slathered lotion on myself and used 2 hands, one just to work the rim under the head. I don't know how long I was pulling on myself, but I had to slather more lotion on 2 more times before the explosion. Quite messy and I hate getting my hands dirty.


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  • My girlfriend and I both smoke weed, and it makes us even more horny. We have incredible sex afterword's. If we watch some porn, we're fucking within minutes.

  • I am the same way. If I get high I will fuck pretty much anyone. I cheated on my boyfriend( no ex ) by having a threesome with a friend of his and a girl he brought along. We were waiting for my boyfriend to get off work and his friend suggested we smoke. I knew I shouldn't but said screw it. Not thirty minutes later me and the other girl are swapping spit as he pushed us to do more and more. Next thing we are are all playing with each other.

    Not the last time has got me high knowing I will put put. Something about getting high just turns me off and I just want to fuck the entire time.

  • Your post should be the main story. The above author rambles

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