Caught in my undies

My Friend had a cottage at the lake. I was hours away from home and I just happen to be in the area on business, so I drove to see them. the cottage was kinda ruff and didnt have much lighting. He and his wife were arguing so I kept my distance from her. she was a big woman, shapely, but strong, nobody i would screw with, she was twice my size!
My buddy and I had a few beers before it was time to turn in, He said she was horny and there was no privacy in this place. it made her mad.
When it was bed time they would sleep on a sofabed in the large living room. they had the kids share a room so I could have a place to sleep. It was a full moon night and I woke during the night and had to pee, I figured it would be alright to go without having to get dressed, as I slowly made my way across the living room in my underpants, very slowly, and trying to be very quiet, to the bathroom, I thought I saw her eyes open, watching me, I froze and stood there, I saw a reflection in her eyes from the moon. I moved on slowly.
When I finished peeing, I made my way back, but I tripped over something and fell. He was still sound asleep, she on the other hand got up and came over to help me up, she grabbed me by the arm and picked me right up like it was nothing. I was ok, just a little rattled and embarrassed. here she was holding me and between her babydolls and my tighty whiteys I was getting an erection.
I said quietly, I could use a glass of water, she looked at me up and down, and could see my growing dick, she smiled and turned and got me a glass of water, as I was drinking it she put her hand on my butt and started rubbing my dick through my shorts, she then grabbed my waist band and pulled my underpants down with one hand and reached in and gave my now more than half hard dick a squeeze. "come with me" she ordered, quietly!, she said, and proceeded to pull me outdoors by my briefs, they were tearing as she pulled me along. when we got outside she pulled my briefs and ripped them to shreds, I fell backwards in the grass and she pulled them off of me completely. "I said what are you doing?" she said " you wont be needing those and now that I've caught you naked, I'm going to see how big your dick gets" as she sat down on a bench and pulled me over her knees. my eyes bugging out of my head, confusion as to what she was going to do to me. she was too strong for me.
she rubbed my butt, which I love, she gave me a bad boy spanking for "running around naked!" she claimed, and then rolled me over to see that, now I was rock hard. "very nice, a midnight snack" she said as she licked her lips.

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