Obese and clingy

I'm 23m and have not had a lot of experience with women. I'm dating a 30 yo girl who is obese (around 250 lbs) and hasn't had much luck with guys because of her looks. I'm average looking but fit.

She's really sweet, kind, smart, and has a good job. The thing is that she has hinted that she wants to get married, and it freaks me the fuck out. We've been dating 5 months. I don't have the heart to tell her that I'm basically using her for sex and company, while I look for someone better. That is, someone more attractive.

She's great pussy and because of her image issues she'll suck dick on demand and take it in the ass. I mean she'll do everything. She just loves me and is willing to do anything to make me stay. I can't bring myself to tell her that I'm just in it for the pussy, but she will find out soon enough. It is going to be a sad day, but I won't regret using that nice woman as a sperm receptacle. I just wish it wouldn't hurt her feelings so much.


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  • Consider yourself lucky to have found a fat girl like that willing to do whatever you want. Don't ruin a good thing! The only thing better than fucking a fat girl is fucking a fatter girl. Stick with her and make her eat. If you like the sex at 250 you're going to love it at 400. Trust me!

  • Play your cards closer to your chest. Just tell her you're not ready for the commitment because, clearly, you are not. You don't have to say anything about using her for sex and company. She'll figure it out, anyway, no sense in adding voiced cruelty to the situation.

  • If your fucking her for 5 months your in love with her. She maybe fat, but she will do anything sexually you ask her to do. 3somes, public sex, blowing you in a bar.

    I started with my wife like that. She was 220 lbs and is a whore with sex. I've fucked more hot girls in our 3somes than I would ever had without my wife. She does anything to keep me. Many times she eaten my cum from another girls pussy or ass because I asked her.

    She doesn't care how I humiliate her. I make her fuck our dog at least twice a week so I can jerkoff on her face as she doing it. She has to wear a micro bikini at the beach, her tits are so big the nipples are barely covered.

    She knows I love her, but does perverted things to keep me focused on her. Her legs are always open for me. And when she has her period, see blows me 3 times a day.

    Truthfully, I love fucking her fat body. Just holding her fat rolls makes me hard.

  • Not sure where you found yourself a submissive fat woman. My wife is 350 pounds and dominates the hell out of me. To the point it is humiliating. I don’t know what’s worse, being treated like property or being treated like property by such a fat woman. I’m not going to get into everything she does to me. That’s a conversation for a therapist. I’ll say this though, I know I’m going to cum in her at least once a day. Mouth, pussy or her big fat ass, I know she’s going to expect it. So I do like that part of it.

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