I played along

Okay i have over the years fantasized and replayed what happened over and over the past 30 years.
Yes i am awful.
I was a bad mom but I couldn’t stop it and i let it happen
I couldn’t stop because i was too curious and too horny to want to stop it and also too embarrassed after i let it get to a point of no return to stop it .
I was back then atleast a milf
I knew i was
I still wore bikini and taned every summer
At work i always got complements on my ass. My son had friends stay over and i was not stupid i could se the glances they gave to my body.
So i was a flirt. I was a tease to alot of guys.
Except when my husband was around.
So my son yes it was laughable for weeks
I mean weeks wanted to learn how people got hypnotized. He talked about it had library books on it.
He wanted to try it on me many times and i let him try. Of cot he couldn’t i knew that but thats what moms do encourage there kids and so one day it was a Saturday Tim my son was swinging a string with a marble on it around and he said it was his new hypnotic tool and wanted to try it on me. I held in a laugh and sat down and he swing it before my.
I could see his disappointment after a few minutes so on a whim I decided to play along. Pretending to he put under. He
Was so happy and excited. He woke me
up and told me all anout it.
I pretended to act like I didn’t know i was under.
He told his dad and i give his dad that look like play along.
It got to point he wanted to tey it all the time and I finally told him to give the hypnosit a break.
Weeks went by and it was one evening his dad was at work he dicided to ask me again
I was in a good mood so i did. I faked it but this time he did not brit me out right away like he usually did.
He had my jump in place like he has in past and other things but then he kept having me bend over and touch my toes.
After about the third time i felt cold air up my shirt and realized when i was bending over my shirt was lose and he could see my tits.
I had no bra on sweats and a loose fitting t shirt.
I was surprised nut then not.
I kept up the pretense but turned slightly so he would have to move to see.
And he did.
After some time he had me sit on chair
Asked me some questions about when his fad and i got married and stuff
Then instructed me that next time i was asked to be hypnotized i would want him to. And said I wouldn’t remember being hypnotized this time.
He woke me and his dad got home soon after.
The next day as soon as his dad left he asked
Hey when was the last time i hypnotized you?
I almost said last night but remembered and say I don’t know along time ago.
He smiled and said want to let me.
I play along and soon i was imder his spell
He did some checks but then asked me to take off my shoes.
I did .
Then he said pull my shorts down to my knees. I started to hesitate but then i did because i wanted to see what he was up too.
My mind was spinning with questions as i slide down my shorts i had on my panties and nothing he could see.
A few minutes of standing there with my back to him he has me pull them back up.
His voice was nervous and like he was half scared
He told me not to remember being under and woke me.
He left and i was in disbelief
Wondering if he would try more and what i should do?
After thinking about it I didn’t think he would go further but if he did i was curious how far he would take it.
It didn’t take long he came into kitchen and said mon when was the last time i hypnotized you?
I played along and said weeks ago.
He asked if he could and i sat down and he put me under.
Immediately he asked my to take off my shorts
Then my shirt.
I start to hesitate because i had no bra on but he said it again and i did so.
I thinking my son is a perv.
He stood behind me and put his hand on my butt rubbed it and had me turn around.
He was staring at my tits and said to take panties off.
I removed them and he had me bend over
He had me stand and he walked around me.
He asked me if i like sex
I said i did.
If i cheated on dad
I said no.
If i would let him
I said no.
He said he was his dad
He came up behind me
I almost oulled away and should of but i let him put his arms around me.
He cupped my tits i was shocked but also aroused almost immediately and at same time it made me light headed it rushed iver me so quickly and unexpectedly.
I arched my back involuntary and pressed my ass into him.
He ordered me to bend over the table and he was in me in a fog I couldn’t believe how fast it was too this point.
I didn’t even have time to think about it.
His breathing became hard and quick instantly and i felt him after a couple pumps cumin in me.
And when he did i had a little involuntary orgasm and my legs gave out.
He pulled out and instantly i felt his come running out.
I know its sick but I replay this alot lately
I didn’t understand at the time hiw quickly it happened and how i was upset after but never told anyone. Later years later the memory turned imto a fantasy.


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  • Does your son know now that you weren't hypnotized?
    That would be an interesting discussion.

  • Sounds like fun. Thanks for sharing.

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