I can’t help it.....

One morning I woke up and I was wet from a dream that I didn’t remember so I felt the need to get myself off and when I was done I walked into my bathroom to take a shower as I was leaning over to turn the shower on my lab came running up and stuck his nose right between my thighs straight up on my wet spot! Almost knocked me over but I grabbed the wall and tried to straighten up but then he started licking me and it felt so damn good but I stopped him and stood him away and jumped in the shower as I stood there I kept thinking about it as he had never done that before and I wondered if it was because he smelled my juices dripping down my legs... as I showered I couldn’t get the thought out of my head so when I was done I dried off and went back in my room and called him back in he came running up to me like normal so I petted him then as I sat on the edge of my bed I unwrapped the towel and Leaned back and spread my legs he dive right in and started licking me and I found my self pushing my pussy into him he went to town and I exploded! Then I bent over the edge of the bed and he licked my ass and started licking my pussy again. He tried to mount me but I couldn’t let it go that far so he just humped my ass while I fingered myself I can’t believe how much I came. I don’t think I can let him enter me but I know let him lick me when ever he pleases :)

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  • I am female 16 years old and last month my Rottie tried to get to me as I walked down the hall to my bed room after taking a shower, kept sticking his nose in my ass locking my puss from time to time and when I( got to my bedroom and flopped down upon my bed he jumped up and we right to licking my puss. God it felt so good I just let him., I came twice and got up turned and laid down lengthwise and he went right back to doing what he was before for some reason HE STARTED IN LICKING MY NIPPLES AND lightly nibbling at them and the head of his cock kept hitting my pussy then he went a little deeper and soon I was fucking him and soon his cock grew and grew and he was tied with me. I swear he had his coc k so far into me he was in my cervix trying to bread me and his cock continued to grow on length and girth. He tried pulling from me but couldn't get out for we were welded together his knot was really big we were totally locked to one another. For 58 minutes we were tied together little by little he began to shrink and when he finally pulled put of me man did the cum flow.

    I ended up having to do laundry before mom got home so she wouldn't see the cum stain. Can't wait till the next time Rosco and I get together.

  • After reading lots posting like this my wife wants see how feel dog licking and as her favourite position doggie she wants that to

  • How tight is she? And what kind of dog do you have?

  • Omg that’s so hot, I bet your pussy was so nice and stinky for him to want to lick it. I wish I was the dog lol!

  • Let your dog fuck you and tell us about it.

  • My first sexual experience was when my cat licked my pussy when I was young. I have always had cats since and always let them lick me. I never masterbate don't need to. Just to be clear though I have a bf, not a weird cat girl lol

  • My ex gf let her German shepherd fuck her I used to watch her get pounded and fuck her after best sex we ever had

  • You're not the first. You won't be the last.

  • Damn! Mood kill much?

  • Why not let him hump your pussy? He can't knock you up, and you will be amazed at how much cum he will pump into you, and how warm it feels inside your vag. Just beware that he will knot up inside you and it may take several minutes before he can pull out, without hurting you. You will love the feeling of his warm cum gushing out of you, running down your thighs and dripping on your ass. Fuck, I'm getting wet just thinking about it.

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