Pregnant Wife

When my wife got pregnant, she became extremely horny all of the time. I tried my best to have sex with her whenever she wanted but could only do it once or twice a day. This was not enough for her and she would be all over me trying to get me hard more often.
After a few weeks she was getting even hornier and she told me that if I couldn't do it more often she would have to find another man to also have sex with her. I didn't know what to do so I asked her who she wanted to have sex with. She apparently already had thought it out since she immediately told me that she wanted her first boyfriend who was the one that had taken her virginity. I told her to go ahead and call him. She did and they have been having sex almost daily for the last several months. A month ago she asked if I wanted to watch them have sex and I did. I found it better than any porn that I have watched. I found it extremely erotic watching another guy getting between my wife's legs and coming inside her.
Last week I watched as my wife had sex with her first boyfriend and two other guys that she had also dated in high school. After they had left, I got between her legs and licked their come out of her and then I got where they had been and quickly came inside her. I expect that more men will have sex with her since she has three more months to go before our baby is due.

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  • Yes this is common. Some men lose interest in their pregnant wives or even find them unattractive and wont want sex with them. So these women sometimes find it elsewhere. Fortunately some men have pregnant fetishes.
    I was 23 and pregnant and my hubby had lost interest in me. Hooked up with a guy who lived nearby and we enjoy quite a bit of sex together. He loved me even more the bigger I got. And when my due date passed my midwife suggested sex to get things moving. So I went to see my lover and boy he got things moving alright. After taking his big cock an hour later my waters broke.

  • Hot. I want to believe this is true.

  • This sounds like my husband wrote this about me. I have been so horny this trimester and my husband cant keep up. Ones he goes, he is done. I can literally have multiple orgasms and want more. I asked him to bring a few guys over and let them have their way with me if he is ok with it. I told him he can watch if he wanted and swore I wouldnt catch feels. I just want hard sex. I cant get pregnant if Im already pregnant but I worry about stds.

  • Lol. Sad

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