Getting a girlfriend

Hi I am very happily married 27 with a boy and girl, my husband is a wonderful man and fantastic provider we want for nothing, sex is great we do vaginal, oral , anal and masturbation.
I have been in a female relationship with my best friend since high school and it continues to this day both our husbands have always known and support us we do not flaunt it and never have arguments we love each other dearly.
I would like to give some tips to other women that may be thinking of having such a relationship but find it hard to start off.
First find a girl who is quiet and sexy, work is probably the best place to start up a friendship, talk and smile as much as possible and start having morning tea and lunch together then ask her out after work or on the weekend, when you are comfortable ask her to go shopping with you for some sexy lingerie "my husband has lost the spark and I want to reignite it" let her pick out a couple of sets and if possible show her how they look on you, she will be interested how things went so explain he loved them and you need her to help you with any cloths shopping when trying them on let her see you change, by now you should be kissing and cuddling when you meet and part when confident start patting her bum then grasp a cheek and caress her crack with your fingers initially you will feel her pull inwards but it will not be long and she will start pushing out to your hand and fingers now you know she is getting the hots for you, in your own time think of when you are going to introduce her to your real feelings over a nice evening meal you should get a positive response so take things easy and slow, if your married you should have introduced her to your husband early on after that start indicating to him you are getting sexual feeling for her but it certainly will not affect your marriage or sex with him he should be OK with it and will probably even like the idea, take everything slow and easy and you should have a great relationship.
Really hope I have been able to help xxxxx

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  • My best friend and I have been in a bi relationship (we are both married) for 10 years, I tried the grasp and crack finger method you described and she loves it if I finger her pussy after it is so very wet, we both do it now when we meet if no one other than our husbands is around xx

  • You have helped me I have been trying to find a way to get into a sexual relationship with my best friend for 10 months, for the last 5 we were kissing, cuddling and holding hands we have a pet name each, I decided to try the grab an arse and finger her crack it really worked as she started doing it to me as well, we quickly moved into a full on lesbian relationship and it s just so terrific she is dominant because she had one before so she is teaching me

  • You are very seductive I would like to see you in action

  • Thank you darling but this is just advise for other ladies that want to start a female relationship I have mine and am very happy but we don't flaunt it, my husband has seen us having sex but he got so horny he is not allowed now

  • Thank you Honey you have inspired me I have been having feelings about a sexual relationship with a woman for a while I am a teacher at a large college and see great potential for meeting a nice girlfriend here, I already have my sights on three that are my best friends I have to give a lot of thought to who I try it with but already kiss and cuddle one more than the others and feel comfortable and sexy when with her she also is more responsive to me and has not had a boyfriend for over a year so she looks like the one, I might find out when I try the bum grasp that must be a good indicator.

  • Good luck! Let us know how it goes?

  • I selected Tammy she is so hot and sexy, the one that respond's most to me, I have started patting her bum when we cuddle and kiss and she really likes it she is also patting mine it feels good, next I am going to do the grasp and feel with fingers I am sure we are so close to having full on sex I am always wet now whenever I see or think of her, we are going shopping for lingerie soon I want to undress and model it in front of her so I am going to get three pantie and bra sets so she gets a good look sure things will start happening then, we have only seen each other in bikini's not naked yet but that will soon change I want to cuddle and kiss her naked at the first opportunity, thank's for helping me start this exciting journey your so wonderful xx

  • It really works, today when we met I held her right cheek and run two fingers up and down her bum crack under her dress while giving her a nice kiss and cuddle, she pushed her nice bum back saying in my ear "I really like that darling" I did the same when we parted for our classes and lingered a while ensuring no one was watching, she did not want to break away, later Tammy text me asking for coffee and squeeze after work, I know what that means and am so very horny, we are just about in our relationship and I am so very happy, mostly thanks to you wonderful lady whoever and where ever you are I love you xxxxx

  • That's so very wonderful thanks for letting me know I am so happy for you, take things easy and cherish your new girlfriend xxx

  • Thank you really good information, I have been in a bi relationship for a couple of months and we both love it just something about sex with a woman I am going to start with the bum caressing it sounds good my girlfriend will go crazy when I start that

  • Excellent advise, my girlfriend and I kiss, cuddle and hold hands we also love putting lotion on each other when we sunbathe and both get horny, we are so very close to a nice sexual relationship I am sure patting and feeling her bum will tip her over, today I am going to start hinting to my husband, he has already said on a few occasion's he thinks she is so very sexy, thank's darling xxx

  • Love this post I am in the start of such a relationship and you have clearly helped me, your obviously a wonderful lady, thank you xx

  • '...grasp a cheek and caress her crack with your fingers.'

    My personal favorite. If there's any opportunity there, this will bring it to light.

  • It certainly will I have had three bi relationships and this was the thing that really got the girls hooked, they even liked me doing it but fingers inside when we are in bed warming up for sex

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