Wife worked for a Urologist

When I met my wife Patricia, she was a nurse working in a clinic for a male urologist.
I really had no idea what her job entailed, I did know she was paid one hell of a lot of money, in the $80K plus full benefits range.
Quite a bit more than I made running my Texaco gas station.
I also noticed one other thing, Patty seemed to prefer giving me a hand job than actually having sex, although being young and virile, I could usually manage both.
Then I found out through running into one of her clients in a bar, he got a bit aggressive in hitting on her right in front of me.
He gave up after I had a word with him, I am kind of big, then Patty and I had a talk.
So, she explained that part of her job was to "assist" with drawing sperm samples.
I asked her why they could not just do that themselves, she explained her Doctor had her help because it was great for business, and she suspected quite a few of her clients were not really low sperm or impotent.
It all pissed me off so I told her I wanted her to quit, but she refused, saying she LIKED the $80K per year with benefits.
Damn shame, she was gorgeous and great fun in bed, but I could not put up with my woman whacking off guys all day long.

4 months ago

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    • My wife works in a massage parlor, she jerks off 4 to 6 guys 5 days a week. With tips she brings in close to $100K a year, so I don't mind one bit. I do about the same each year in my machine shop. We wrote checks for our Corvettes, hers is blue, mine is red. One neat thing, you should see her arms, she can curl 160 pounds with ease.

    • Your wife clearly likes jerking men off and she loves the money involved.
      You have to choose, you can go along with her jerking men off or kick her to the curb. If it were me i would let her jerk the men off

    • Big deal. I would have held on to that one.

    • Very true

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