Wife worked for a Urologist

When I met my wife Patricia, she was a nurse working in a clinic for a male urologist.
I really had no idea what her job entailed, I did know she was paid one hell of a lot of money, in the $80K plus full benefits range.
Quite a bit more than I made running my Texaco gas station.
I also noticed one other thing, Patty seemed to prefer giving me a hand job than actually having sex, although being young and virile, I could usually manage both.
Then I found out through running into one of her clients in a bar, he got a bit aggressive in hitting on her right in front of me.
He gave up after I had a word with him, I am kind of big, then Patty and I had a talk.
So, she explained that part of her job was to "assist" with drawing sperm samples.
I asked her why they could not just do that themselves, she explained her Doctor had her help because it was great for business, and she suspected quite a few of her clients were not really low sperm or impotent.
It all pissed me off so I told her I wanted her to quit, but she refused, saying she LIKED the $80K per year with benefits.
Damn shame, she was gorgeous and great fun in bed, but I could not put up with my woman whacking off guys all day long.

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  • Fake cake!
    First If you owned a Texaco gas station and couldn't make more then 80K a year something is horribly wrong with you. 80k a quarter would be more like it.

    Second there is no way in hell medical personnel would assist with masturbation or semen collection in anyway unless the patient was completely unable (like being paralyzed) to expel their semen. Good god think of all the lawsuits from that! First their partner in life would be able to assist them. If no go, then electro stimulation is used and the only touching is putting on stimulation pads.
    My family is full of healthcare professionals and none of them would ever think of that.
    One thing about healthcare professionals is they know about germs if you get my drift.

  • So when the doctor said I had a low count and he wanted a jizz sample in his office, and he helped it was wrong???

  • Yes completely wrong! But you know that was a bull shit reply!

  • I was at the doctor and she wanted to check my prostrate gland. Well she put the glove on and I was on the exam table, I felt her finger go in deep, then she said at my age of 60, she needed to probe around....she was nice, about 38 or so... as she did this I thought of my daughter in-law..well I got hard quickly and let fly a nice load of semen. I was embarrassed but she said...”things happen...no big deal”. Tried to get the wife to do it to me... but she just wants to shop and go hang out at the country club. So I’m on a mission to find a nice young woman who will do things like that.

  • Bull shit Fucking loser.

  • Big deal. I would have held on to that one.

  • Very true

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