I Went Back to Check my Suspicions

I have a 15 year old daughter she is a very forward girl for her age but we are close more like sisters we tell each other dirty jokes some of the jokes she tell me are quite shocking and thoroughly disgusting, but I don't react or appear to be offended because I want her confidence to tell me anything, I know she is sexually active because I have caught her playing with herself, I told her it was normal what she was doing and admitted to doing the same at her age and when ever I felt sexually aroused and still do, our family is close we see a lot of each other I have noticed she and her uncle are very close possibly more than close I notice the looks exchange between them, if she know he is calling she puts on a short skirt. I had to go out she didn't want to come with me and said she had called her uncle and could she stay with him for the few hours I was out to play board games, ok I said but was a bit suspicious but I dropped her off at his house, I was wondering if my suspicions were right, I was parked past his house so I walked back and peeped through the window, they were in each others arms just talking and smiling then they started kissing with there mouths open, not the usual way a niece should kiss her uncle, I couldent watch I came away, I know incest happens, I know she is going to loose her virginity if she hasn't lost it all ready, I know I am a coward for not putting a stop to what I saw was about to happen, I just thought its safer in the family, I know I will be dammed to hell with comments for what I have posted and my decision to do nothing.
I just had to let it out and wait for comments


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  • Well here's a novel idea...Parent up!

  • God..... You all are so thick and gullible. You believe anything...

  • You read it as well

  • Actually I read the 1st few lines. Then I knew what was coming. And stop taking to yourself on posts.

  • *talking

  • What is wrong with people incest is accepted these days and has been for years its just as long as its kept in the family and no pregnancies happen, girls should be put on the pill as soon as their parents realise that boys are looking and perving this is just responsible parenting, they can then get fucked by family members or guys around town without any real problems.
    One of my sisters never married and the other is divorced since we were about 13 we played with each other sexually and started fucking when I was 14 it was great our parents put both on the pill and had stern honest discussions with us.
    The three of us live together now 48, 50, 53 in the old family home and we are just so happy all have fantastic careers in large companies and often travel interstate and overseas

  • That’s really creepy.

  • You better get her on the birth control pill pronto, then not worry about it, gee she is only getting fucked and she obviously likes it. I think you are feeling horny about it and may want a bit on the side EH ? be honest please.
    When we were young we had a cousin on the pill 18 who would give out to all the young boys in the family it was great a couple of times I was there when five of us went through her, she was such a slut.

  • It happens, in our family one of our Aunties (very sexy, divorced 30 year old) would break all the young boys in as my brother, I and all my cousins reached 15 1/2 or older we were sent to my Auntie Pat to be trained in all aspects of sex, she usually kept us over school holidays and would get one over almost every weekend to ensure we learnt well plus I am sure she was a bit of a nympho, it made sex education so easy for our parents.
    She used to make we wear nappies then girls panties and training bras, she often punished me by spanking it just made me get a horn so then I had to pull myself off while she watched and coached, she liked all her boys pulling themselves off before fucking her so it lasted a lot longer.
    Great education nothing wrong with it

  • An adult fucking a fifteen year old is illegal in every state in the Union. As her mother, you should turn her uncle in to the police, or just take him some place and shoot him in the fucking head. Anything less constitutes neglect and abuse on your part. There are plenty of boys her own age that are likely more than willing to fuck her tight young ass.

  • I'll have you know that shooting him in the fucking head is illegal in every state in the Union.

  • Put a knife in his cold dead hand, and it's self defense, perfectly legal in every one of these United States.

  • Calm your tits

  • Spare us the drama or go join a bible study site.

  • Great Burn brother!! Them clowns haven't kept up with the times, rendering incest, sexually intimate family lovemaking or regardless of its label, quite mainstream since 2000 or so. They need to get out more often, While we're here, nobody announced what country this great family closeness was occurring in anyhow.

  • Age difference isn't an issue, or even the fact that it's her uncle. The problem is that she is a teen and he's a fucking adult. He should know better. Take a baseball bat to his knees and tell him to wait till she's 18. He'll know who's boss.

  • Don't be foolish, Einstein. Whenever I was threatened in that manner, I asked the dope why they brought a bat to a gunfight.

  • Get her on birth control and let her fuck who ever she wants. Just don't let her get pregnant .

  • 'I just had to let it out and wait for comments.'

    Wanking material requested!

  • What I want to know is, how shooould a niece kiss her uncle haha. But in seriousness, I'd suggest confrontin the uncle rather than your daughter. He should no better. More so than your sexually charged daughter.

  • From the author
    When she meets or leaves her uncle they usually hug and a brief peck on the cheek, I don't see anything wrong with families kissing full on the lips men or woman but not to long, I know he should know better and so should she,
    she is almost 16 at the age of consent she is very forward for her age, I don't know for certain what happened I didn't see, I use to fancy my dad at that age

  • Ok ok I see your point

  • Sweetie lets just hope he gave her a decent fucking and she liked it I hope she is on the pill or he uses condoms, might be a good idea for you to sit with her and advise at her age she should be on the pill I am certain she will jump at it.
    When I noticed boys staring at our sexy 14 year old I had my wife arrange the pill for her so happy we did, I am sure a couple of the local boys has explored her nice little pussy.

  • What did you do with your dad? Tell us.

  • Any court would view this as pedophilia and sexual abuse.

  • Tell us what you really thought, did it make you wet to see them kiss?

  • Yes it did make me wet and I don't know why

  • Be honest, does the idea of going back and seeing them do more than heavy petting and making out kind of excite you?

  • You know why.....let it out.

  • Admit it - you'd become very aroused to watch them do it. Wouldn't you.

    Don't lie. This is a confession's forum.

  • Should stop that, tell her to bang someone out of the family in her age range if you're "cool" with it....... but an uncle? NO WAY!

  • It could be safest in the family

  • How is it safer than anyone else?

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