My Daughter Flirts With Me!

My daughter is 15 and flirts with me. She knows I am a feet person and when I walk by she puts her feet on the table, the sofa arm rest, or just sways her feet and toes around as I pass by.

She also wears shirts without a bra, she must have 30DD Tits, very nice size boobs. She started flirting and wearing my old shirts when she was 13. At that time her boobs were still developing so her nipples were not visible. But now at 15 and almost 16, her nipples show and she still wears my old shirts. Sometimes she wears shirts she has cut so her tummy and bellybutton are exposed.

When she is around me she clearly and purposely perks her boobs forward and up and more of her belly and sometimes the lower 1/2 of her boobs are exposed.

I have never really been a tits guy, I am more of a hands and feet type of guy. But my daughter's flirting and her big boobs have sent my interest in a new direction.

My wife is terrible in bed, no passion, very conservative, boring in bed. I eventually cheated on her after 18 years and now I IM with lady friends for thrill but no sex.

Anyway, my wife no longer arouses me. My daughter on the other hand makes my hormones go wild and gives me instant hard-ons with her flirting. Initially I thought I was seeing things, but she is definitely flirting with me and teasing me.

3 years ago, I got curious whether my wife was masturbating because I thought perhaps that was the reason her sex drive was bad. So I hid an audio recorder in the bathroom. To my surprise, instead of catching my wife, it was my daughter who was in the recording, masturbating in the shower. I have a very high sex drive, and I can see and sense my daughter's drive is off the charts.

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  • What a coincidence she flirts with me also. Only I fuck her after you go to bed. One night when you must have heard us as she was making a lot of noise I hid in her bedroom closet. I filled her sexy little twat after you went back to bed , lol.

  • While I'm pro incest and your daughter is nearly 16, I don't agree with cheating. But the flip side is that is could be having sex with your daughter saves you marriage and keeps you family from falling apart. In an ideal situation your wife would give you her blessing but that is unlikely. So, the question is can your daughter keep a secret?? And what happens when your daughter leaves home??

  • I have since eased off on being too intense or obvious, but I can still tell she constantly stands around, near me, facing sideways as to pose in an angle that accentuates her big boobs. Unsute if the wife would ever give her blessing, she is too 'traditional' to be okay with allowing something like this.

    I think my daughter could keep a secret and I think she likes the thrill of secretly being flirtacious with me.

    She started doing her nails (hands), if she happens to also do her toes (which she never has), it would be hard to turn a blind eye because that would be an indicator she is trying to get my attention. And if she does one of the nail colors I happen to love, it will definitely be a challenge to ignore staring at her cute feet.

    As far as secrets, they alway find a way out, could be while drunk or a slip of the tongue during a conversation.

  • Obviously the desire is there now and it's something that's highly unlikely to disappear. There is no way you will be able to ignore the advances from your daughter and controlling yourself realistically will be near impossible, as the imaginary line creeps nearer.

    In regards to your wife perhaps you should talk about your daughter and how close you and your daughter have become, obviously don't mention anything sexual! Say something like" isn't our daughter attractive, I'm so glad she takes after you in the looks department!". After saying this you can see how she reacts. Alot of mothers subconsciously compete with their daughters for the husband/father's attention. So, this may spark more interest from your wife to please you in the bed! So it may turn out that your daughter's flirtatious behaviour will also safe your marriage. Something to think about.

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