Listen men

You guys on here are so funny.
Look most women have cheated at one point or another.
Depending on how aware their husband is or how jealous they get.
I been married 20 years and have had over 10 affairs and numerous one time things.
My husband dont have a clue. He drags me to church with him every week and i am you perfect church mom and proper around people.
But when i see a guy i would like to try. I do it. Always with married men because they dont talk.
I have a few girlfriends that i know they have also.
I don’t ever see myself stopping sampling whats out there. Sex is just sex . Its not really cheating unless you let it effect your marriage. And i think it improves mine.

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  • Married women love me I get hit on all the time

  • My wife cheats
    I don’t care
    Keeps her happy
    She don’t know i know and I don’t make a big deal about it

  • When he does find out you maybe surprised by what he has to confess

  • So very true. I've had numerous affairs also. My husband has lost interest and I have needs.

  • Please email me at I’d love you see you nude.

  • First, where can I find you?
    Second, what are your commons moves to bed another guy?
    Third, are you into swinging, bi or group activities?

  • We get together in a big house in DC with lots of really important people and evangelicals

  • How do you get these married men into bed?

  • Not hard to do

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