Only chick in a garage full of guys

I remember vividly my nine years old party was the day before it was a sleep over so a bunch of boys were still hanging out in the garage, I had just changed into some new clothes a cute sIundress i got as a gift. i was a tomboy so wearing a dress wasnt something i normaly did? I realized the boys were looking at me differently, thats when i saw a bunch of porno mags were spread around so i asked what they were thinking as the boys passed the mags to one another,they all stated there dicks were hard but i was the only chick while there were five guys and i was only nine years of age. in the porno mags I was asked to act out seens I agree soon i was going crazy with all these cocks in my face so i imitated the girl in the mags five cocks i sucked and fucked swallowing so much sperm but proud of my self then my mom said son why are you wearing your sisters new birth day dress and why does it smell like sex in the garage?

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  • So you wanted to write a story with a surprise ending?

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