It seas so unreal even after a year

I have been married for over 15 years now and I am a real estate sales person. My name really dose not matter but on occasion we have to attend classes to help us become familiar to changes and tips to help close sales.
I received my offer of update and the class was a two day affair in Los Angeles so I booked my flight making arrangements for our two teen age daughters to be watched while my husband was at work.
I only took a small bag with two changes of clothes and my makeup so there was no luggage charge.
The class was actually in Hollywood so we booked out rooms at the Marotte where the classes would be held.
I was surprised to find most of us that attended were women with only a few men there but I had time to change and clean p for our first class that lasted two hours.
After class I hung out with several lady's and spent the day wandering around we would spend the night there and then do a class early the next day then fly home .
We ate in the bar and I sat with several gals from all over the state talking about our family's and how business was going in our local county's getting to know each other then someone asked hey what should we go tonight and we all discussed t for awhile then one gal went up to a female bar tender and asked what was going on that a few women might find interesting and she came back laughing and said there is a male strip joint a couple blocks away want to go there and we all laughed for a bit then n older gal said hey what the hell why not ?
What can possibly happen just buy us having some fun and after another drink we were all pumped up and ready for it so off we went and we were all carded and I am sure it was just for our egos but we liked it and were placed at a table midway back from the stage where we had a good view and the place was filling up with rowdy women and all of us were kind of excited to be doing something this naughty then the music started soft at first and slowly became louder and after three drinks I was beginning to feel it and when ever the base sound chimed in I began to feel like it was a part of me and the sound of all these women around us grew in intensity then the men started walking onto the stage all of them wearing fire fighter clothing and the women began to clap and we joined in not knowing just what to expect but the music felt like it was inside of me and I felt a little wild and daring all of the men on stage had removed their overcoats and they wee all young and handsome most of the guys were body builders but some were just handsome young men then they began to dance on stage slinking around showing off their youthful young bodies to us laughing and clapping hoard of women god they liked good enough to eat then they left the stage after removing their pants and began to dance among our tables and I noticed that all of the women at our table were clapping and trying to stuff money into the string around their waist and I was able to catch a young guy as he passed me and I stuffed a 10 dollar bill in his string and he winked at me as he passed.
The music was loud and it was washing over me now and I felt like it was in my blood every time I heard that base beat it was like a heart beat to me and I felt completely wild clapping my hands as they went from one act to another then only two guys were on stage and they both had on only a light white ankle length robe and the girls were clapping and rowdy as several of the guys walked among us and I noticed some of the gals were actually playing with their cocks and even sucking on them and I was clapping my hands and urging them on when Doris the gal sitting next to me said he is pointing at you and I said who and she pointed to the stage where three gals were with the two guys already so I looked around and he was pointing at me so I stood and he nodded his head and the girls at my table were laughing encouraging me to go so I did my mind was on fire now with all of the drinks and excitement and I made my way up on stage the men had us kneel down behind them then they turned and opened their robes for the ladies in front and the women howled in appreciation and began to stomp their feet clapping their hands as the two men turned back to us and I glanced nervously at the girl beside me but she was also a little nervous when our guy turned to us and opened his robe and he had the biggest cock I had ever seen hanging there and he took a can of whip cream spray and sprayed it on both of us with globe of whip cream all over our faces and blouses I was still laughing when he sprayed some on his cock head and offered it to my younger gal friend and she eagerly licked the cream off of his cock and began to stroke it and then she started to suck him and I felt a little jealous that he chose her first but after only a short time he pushed her back onto her heels and she reluctantly released his cock with a sucking pop and he sprayed more on his cock and offered it to me and I was beyond feeling any guilt now I took his cock in my hand and I began to furiously stroke him licking his cream off of his cock and balls and I could hear the women all over cheering us as I sucked him into my mouth I could feel his cock against my tongue and he went so deep that I was gagging but I refused to let him go until he pushed me away to I was on fire now but I couldn't face the girls at the table my blouse had whip cream all over it and my makeup was smeared.
I caught a cab back to the hotel and I looked into the bar and a guy that had been hitting on me earlier was there so I caught his attention and motioned for him to follow me.
I fucked the living shit out of the poor guy that night and I sucked him off the next morning and Now I am in a quandary should I confess to my husband and hurt his feelings or just keep it a secret.


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  • Keep it a secret or you will destroy your husband.

  • Why in the fuck would you confess ? You would risk ruining your marriage just because you feel a little guilty ? It's not worth it. Keep that shit under wraps !

  • Confess and hurt his feelings. He deserves it.

  • Keep it secret.

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