Gang daughter

Our daughter got mixed up with the wrong crowd at the age of 15,it was mostly boys in the gang but there were a few girls and after learning about it later the girls had to sleep with the boys and not only that,they had to send a video of it to their parents, I recieved a message off isy and at this point had no idea of what I was about to see, it started off showing a group of lads,around a dozen and they were laughing and talking amongst themselves then isy appeared and walked over to them,like a pack of animals they circled around her,who's going first then boys one of them said,two boys go over to isy and start taking her clothes off,all she had left on was her underwear,two more boys surrounded her and pulled her bra and knickers off, come on guys! The rest of the boys got closer to her and had their cocks out, you know what to do isy was told,the phone switched to another guy and there was isy sucking each of their cocks!

Feb 19

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    • How did you feel honestly ? When I seen my sister suck two guys they recorded & sent her boyfriend he then sent me it saying this is what she does when she’s out . I loved it

    • Wow your daughter is a complete and total slut. But to be fair, so many young people are sluts now, it’s hard to blame her. So I won’t. I’ll blame your wife, the role model.

    • I agree. I think the wife enjoyed the videos more than she is saying.

    • My wife and I got called down to the middle school for a 'conference'. We had to sit down with the principal, superintendent & a local police detective.
      Our daughter is 13 and a cheerleader.
      Apparently, the cheerleaders were posing nude for the football players and they were posting it on a shared cloud account. If a football player could get nude photos of a cheerleader, they'd post it on the cloud account so they could all look at it.
      Well, it get's worse. There were also videos of the girls having sex with the football players.
      Let me add that we are only being told about this by the detective and we had to give a statement.
      The detective told us what would happen next but we should get our daughters' phone and delete anything because her phone is in our name and things could get complicated.
      My wife and I took our daughters phone against her will. We are hand's on parents so we knew most passwords. We opened her cloud account and there were numerous nude photos of our daughter along with 15 videos of her having sex with numerous guys at one time. We were in shock. My wife cried while we were doing this.
      We counted 32 different boys in the videos taking a turn on our daughter.

    • Any more updates?

    • I bet she enjoyed being filled multiple times like the good little slut

    • Wow numerous guys at once! Did she get dp'ed the cock happy little slut

    • I guess I should have been a little more clear. There are 15 videos total.
      Each video was 3 or 4 guys.
      My wife and I noticed they were all different guys in each video. Some are from the high school and another school.
      That's how we got the total of 32.
      My wife has taken our daughter to the OB-GYN for tests and thankfully she's 'clean' from STDs and not pregnant.
      Our daughter is now on BC and admitted some of them 'may' have used a condom.

    • Yes. How did wife react? Was she jealous? Lol

    • My wife is still in shock. She's seeing to see a therapist. My wife was raised in a strictly religious home so this has broken her heart.

    • Boring. I bet she wanted to enjoy all those young cocks too

    • Was there any interracial activity? How did your wife react to seeing a bbc?

    • Yes. Most of the boys were black.
      The investigation determined that all the boys involved were minors and my daughter swore in her statement that she was not under any influence of drugs or alcohol and it was consensual sex. Therefore, there will be no charges.

    • I bet wife enjoyed that and wanted some of those young black cocks in her. Has she been more sexual since then?

    • We're having our normal amount of sex but I have noticed my wife is extra wet and want's to be on top more.

    • But you have not answered. Did it turn you on watching your daughter getting abused by all those cocks? Did it turn your wife on?

    • Is that because she saw your daughter riding all those cocks?

    • I would have licked her cum filled pussy

    • Did it turn you on?

    • That's what I wanna know too.

    • His wife is probably jealous that daughter is getting 32 cocks and she only gets one lol

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