My wife Lea

After 22 years of marriage and for the last 4 years I have had this desire to watch her with another man and our daughter was in college she finally gave in with a slight twist.
She agreed to do it but I couldn't watch and that was bottom line so after thinking about it I finally caved and agreed to it thinking that if she did it once and liked it she might change her mind.
Doug a good friend of ours agreed to do it with her and Lea was having trouble deciding on what to wear so I suggested that she only sexy nighty because she wouldn't have it on long anyway .
We had talked about this night several times now and I was just to mostly pretend to be invisible and let her and him do the talking.
When Doug showed up and I answered the door he and I shook hands then I took him in to my wife.
Lea was sitting on the couch in her see through nighty and her nipples were plainly visible for his pleasure .
He hands were perched on her knees and her dark patch of pubic hair was plainly visible to and Doug stopped and caught his breath and stood there openly admiring my wife.
He murmured Lea you are beautiful and she blushed and stood thanking him then neither on could think of anything to say for a second then Lea started to laugh and said this is very uncomfortable and that brook the tension and Doug took her hand and Lea turned to me and said we will be awhile you can watch the news or something and she turned and walked away with Doug's hand in hers.
I watched them go and my mind was racing as they casually walked down the hal land I could hear them mumbling to each other .
for a few minutes I was frozen in place not knowing what to do god I had never counted on this but my cock was hard enough to break rocks with.
I watched a for minutes of the news then I did the dirty dishes my mind in a turmoil now wondering what was happening hell by now they must be fucking .
I slipped of my shoes and creeped down the hallway and the bedroom door wasn't closed all the way and I could hear the murmur of their voices ,
I eased the door open a little wider and I could see them in the walk in closed mirror.
Lea was on her back with her knees up ad her feet flat on the bed and Doug was in between her legs holing himself above her as they talked but all I could hear was the soft murmur of their voices.
I could see his bare ass rising and falling and I knew that they were fucking and I stood there unable to tear my glance away.
Then as I watched I could make out his balls moving in time with his thrusts and I saw my wife hands on his ass cheeks and I could see my wedding ring on her finger creasing his ass .
I couldn't feel anything at all no anger or anything it was kind of like an out of body experience as I listened to the bed squeak and I could vaguely smell my wifes slightly fishy small now then I don't know how long I had been standing there until I heard Lea say I think I am going to cum and her hips started to meet his thrusts faster and I could hear their body's slapping against each other and Leas breath was harsh gasps now until she cried out and pulled him tight against her body and I heard her grunts of pleasure as she came.
Doug let her finish cummings then he began to fuck her faster and faster until he also came and as he ground his body against her in orgasm Lea began to laughed delightedly as he grunted and thrust his body against hers.
I watched in a trance as they recovered then after several remaining thrusts into my wife Doug pulled out and his soft cock was still dripping cum.
I dashed back to the living room and turned on the TV.
Doug didn't stay long and I was so horny Lea wanted to shower but I wanted to see what it would feel like fucking her in another mans sperm.
As of right now several months later Lea has been with several guys but I have never watched any of them she just sometimes makes an excuse to go out and several ours later she will come back wit her makeup smeared and her hair in disarray and neither of says a word we just go into the bedroom and fuck.
I still hope to one day actually be able to watch her get fucked with her permission.

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