Wife Lea

I posted a story about my wife earlier this year about how we got started in wife sharing and her first experience and since that time we have talked about it many times until she was sure in her own mind that I was good with it before she agreed to go forward with it.

I have always wanted to watch her take a big cock but she is very hesitant about that .

She has been with several guys now though and one guy had a really thick cock that she liked and it is funny in a way because I always get insanely jealous when they kiss and make out but it is so addictive and the shame of watching another man take his pleasure with my wife is both humiliating and gut wrenching erotic.

This is what keeps me hooked like an addiction .

It had been several weeks between her lovers when I brought it up again and she must have been thinking about also because she asked what do you have in mind and I laughed my nasty laugh and she did to and I said I want to see you take a big one and to my surprise she said not huge but OK .

We looked over the net reading adds and found Monty and he lives in Fairfield and is a contract worker for Travis Air Base but he is not married and Lea prefers married guys so back to the adds .

Monty had shared a picture of his cock with us and Lea printed it out in an 8 by 10 so we could get a better look at it she later contacted him and they talked back and forth for awhile then about 4 days later when I came home from work she said it's on ho We are going to meet with Monty this coming Saturday at his apartment.

Time flew by until Saturday morning we both so excited that time seamed to drag we couldn't meet with him until after 11:AM but it finally did and Lea admitted that she was really looking forward to this as we drove over and Monty must have been looking out the window because he opened the door before I rang the bell.

Lea is a health nut and her body does not have a single ounce of fat she has perfect breasts that do not need a bra and they are firm and very perky nipples .

Monty stepped back looking my wife over and said my god you are beautiful and Lea actually blushed she was also checking him out boldly and she said niceeee his cock bulge told us he was very well hung and Lea blushed again after she glanced up at me with her guilty smile and she said my god hon look at his cock it is huge.

Monty laughed and said don't worry most women think it is to big until they try it you will do just fine.

Lea asked can I see it please and he said ok but you have to take it out and her eyes sparkled with mischief as she looked up at me for permission and I just nodded my head.

We went to the kitchen and Lea sat on a chair and Monty walked up to her and she was all thumbs now as she unhooked his belt and fumbled with his zipper getting it snagged half way down and Monty gently pushed her hands back and unzipped his pants then stood there looking down at my wife as she grabbed his pants and pulled them over his hips she was both laughing and saying OM MY GOD over and over as she pushed his pants down and his cock was outlined in his shorts just inches from her nose .

His pants fell to the floor as Lea struggled with his waist band then she managed to get then down to and his cock fell out hitting her face .

His cock head was starting to fill up and Lea wrapped her left hand and fingers around his shaft and began to stroke him saying oh my god oh my god I watched fascinated as she opened her mouth and sucked his cock cock head still stroking his shaft using both hands now and Monty was looking down at her lips around his cock ad his hands on the back of her head trying to force more of his cock into her mouth.

Lea couldn't take more than a couple inched of his cock though and Monty laughed and said you better stop babe unless you want a surprise and Lea reluctantly released him with a sucking pop.

He took her hand and led her into his bedroom and he was asking if he could cum in her and she said not a problem she is on birth control then he helped her undress and Lea backed up to the bed and sat down Monty kneeled between her knees and pushed them apart and he saw her freshly shaved pussy.
( I had spent about 20 minutes that morning shaving her for him ) Monty liked that to Lea was still sitting up as Monty pushed her legs farther apart and with the index fingers of each hand she spread her pussy lips apart and his tongue made a slow trip up her slit and Leas groaned in pleasure and she fell back on the bed her hands were on the top of his head and she was moaning i pleasure now and her body was responding to his tongue I watched rage and excitement within my mind and body but I was addicted to this tortured pleasure of watching my wife responding to another man. Lea grunted in pleasure and her hips began to jerk s she forced his mouth against her pleasure mound tis only lasted a short time until she cried out in release then Monty was still licking her and her body jerked in response she was gasping for breath but she said I want to feel you inside of me.
Monty stood kicking off his shoes and pants and sorts then he pulled his shirt off over his head.
Lea was leaning forward so she could watch his cock enter her so I tucked two pillows under her neck and shoulders as Monty stepped up to her holding his cock in his hand pointing it at her treasure Lea licked her lips still breathing hard as his cock met her flesh and she gasped and her body arched upward trying to capture him but he slowly slid his cock head up and down her slit teasing her erect clit and getting his cock head slimy with her fluids.

He would stop from time to time and try to force his cock head into her but she complained that it hurt so he fingered her getting more of her fluids and tried again and he almost made it until she stopped him again .

Monty asked me to get the anal lube out of his night stand and generously worked his cock over and worked some into Lea as well then he tried again
I watched and so Lea as his cock head forced her open and Monty asked several times if she was ok and she said once I now what a turkey feels like being stuffed and laughed but it does not really hurt.

He tried again and then his cock head was in her Monty asked if she was ok and she said I guess so god you are big go slow and he did adding just a little of his cock at a time as he sank into her and I could see how deep he was in my wife by the wet ring of her fluids around his cock shaft then Monty said Oh fuck I am going to cum and he froze above my wife and I watched his cock pulse as he shot his load into her and Lea laughed excitedly saying he is cumming babe I can feel it he is cumming .
Monty held himself above my wife his face locked in a grimace as though he was in pain as he came inside of her for long moments and I watched his cock pulse until it stopped and Monty exhaled a huge breath and fell forward on top of my wife his cock no longer hard slipped into her unresisting body as he moaned his face on the pillow next the Leas and Lea was bubbling in excitement with his cock deep inn her.
She wouldn't let him pull out and they stayed that way until he got hard again then he lifted her off the bed still impaled on his cock and managed to get up on the bed and they were laughing at how silly they must look with her arms and legs wrapped around him.
It turned into a very entertaining day we did not get home until almost 8 that night and at one time she tried to deep throat him but she couldn't until after he would cum then she could suck his soft cock into her throat and once he tried to but fuck her but that just hurt to bad he was just to big and oh she measured him with her cloth tape and he was a little over 10 inches.


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  • Wife Jill and I, our best friends, Bob and Linda -- all 4 of us caught cheating.
    We were in our mid 30. All 4 knew each others business. Linda said her and Jill are stealing money from whores (exaggerating a bit)
    I said I get that side fuck thing but Jill's younger BF had a big mouth and showed topless pictures of her at the corner bar. I was way more concerned for he safety. He also took her on hair raising rides on his motorcycle.
    one night we're at a bar. Bob says let take each others wife for a ride, then take her to her home. WTF why not. The worse that can happen a trusted buddy fucks Jill, not her hoodlum FWB. But it probably won't happen. I'm driving Linda says take me parking, let's talk. She says are we going to do it?
    I'm like should we? And says she's 100% sure her Bob is fucking my Jill right now, so why not? "I know Jill, not that I'm any better, get your clothes off --you cheated before and this is more like swapping with out the sick idea of watching your spouse have sex."
    For years we've been getting together for "swapping light" -- couple times for long weekends. The girls don't worry about their reputation, I don't worry about Jill's well being, and nobody worries about STDs.

  • If I would have been you, I would have shove my face into that stretched out cunt and would have licked and sucked all that hot cum out of her cunt with pleasure...

  • I have tasted my own cum out of her but she thought that was gross so I dont think she would go for me doing that with another guys cum in her and I cant remember what it tasted like mixed with her fluids.

  • What a load of bull shit, piss off you prick

  • Jealous?

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