Bull Mastiff done me in

I bam 23 female quite slender and bt no means a virgin, I still live at home with my folks attending night school and our neighbor has asked me to watch Guss fir a week while they go on vacation. I went over to their house and they told me everything that I needed to fo do for him a
Feeding instructions and such even play time and what to look out for during play time and he was no problem as long as he was in his kennel.
Carol the guys wife was very friendly gave me a few kisses on my lips pared my ass and told me I'd be great with him { Guss} even asked some questions that was embarrassing to me and I blushed and she3 took hold of me and held me close to her and said in a calming voice I'd be alright, just don't fight him let him have his way and you'll be ok. All kinda strange but I went along with it all.
The first day of watching Guss he was perfect didn't do anything wrong and behaved even when I took him for a long walk.
Two days later a different story when I entered his kennel he jumped up on me knocking me down struck his nose right between my legs and started in licking my puss making me cum on him over and over then he moved forward and god his hard pens was right at the opening of my shorts gaining entry he moved further forward and his hard cock entered me and he began fucking me like the animal he is. All I could do was hang onto him for the ride I'll admit he felt good and got me off several times.
This went on for five days and when Carrol and her husband got home she asked how things went and when we were alone I told her everything that happened and she kissed me hard and told me any time during the day you want to come over you're more than welcome and kissed me again but this time it got to me and I kissed her back. She began rubbing my breasts taking them out of my shirt and I let her but she surprised me when she began sucking upon my nipples and I let her for as long as she wanted for she made me feel good.
Three days later I got horney and went to visit Guss but he wasn't in his kennel then I heard his bark from inside he house and I went home figuring he was busy.
I was just leaving and Carrol told me to come on in and join the fun and I did and Guss got me good for over a hour. I don't know who got me off more Carrol or Guss.

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