My body has betrayed me

For the past 4 months our neighbors son has been my day time lover but last week end things have changed.
We went to a party and much to my surprise there were about 15 big blacks and only two other white girls there besides myself and Manual wouldn't leave my side kinda protecting me so to speak for my ass got patted and squeezes far to many times, I even ask Manual to take me home but he said he wanted to see the main event.
After three drinks which I shouldn't have had but I did this huge black came on stage and asked for a volunteer from the gals there and Manual kept edging me to go up assuring me that everything would be ok. Well reluctantly I went up and he assured me nothing would happen that I didn't want it to and he began hypnotizing me having me do things that normally I wouldn't or even think about it.
After a few minutes he put me under deep and planted several messages into my sub conscious and when I heard certain words I'd do what he suggested. It seems like I'm the only one that knows what words he planted in my mind and this morning I must have heard one for all morning I've been thinking about a big black ravishing my body sharing me with one guy after another and right no my puss feels like a big cock is buried deep in me fucking me hard making me cum on myself in the chair I'm sitting in.
At 1140 this morning Manual came over and I attacked him basically throwing him on my bed fucking him till I couldn't take any more but once he got up I went right back to him trying to get him to fuck me more and more.
Well he ended up leaving and I laid on my bed crying wanting to get fucked hard thoughts going thru my head and finally fell asleep.
It's three thirty and waking up all I could is think of many big hard cocks standing in line to fuck me hard.
God I am not normally like this yes with Manual but now my thoughts are with many men and I can't get it out of my head.

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  • What? Why would a hypnotist at a party full of black men plant a subconscious trigger word making you want to get gang banged by them all... and not gang bang you?

  • Ohhh that could be fun. I wish I knew what the manic word was that sent you like this xx

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