She male

I’m a straight male and desire to be with a beautiful she male with a hot ass. I love watching she male porn and jerking off

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  • It's nice to find someone who likes she-males. I have been she-male since my teens and I had my fortieth birthday in July. I celebrated it with my lover Jack who visited me in my apartment after months of lock-down.
    Jack is in his early seventies but he is built like a bull. Elsie his wife is no longer interested in sex so Jack visits me for hi bi-weekly sessions.
    He likes to take me fully dressed but definitely wearing my stockings and suspenders, he says it reminds him of fifties fashion. Jack takes Viagra and it makes his penis enormous and I adore it.
    If anything happened to Elsie I think I would love to set up home with Jack so he can take me whenever he feels the urge!!

  • Sexy SHEMALES usually are hotter and more desirable than women. LUSCIOUS BREASTS and hard cock is yummy

  • Me too. Love to watch beautiful she makes with nice ass and huge cocks cum.

  • I know what you mean! Some shemales are really hot and if I had the opportunity I probably would try it!

  • Try it!!

  • Maybe I will

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