I’m a curious male and would love to have phone sex with another male. Cross dresser, bisexual, gay, she male, straight it doesn’t matter. I just wanna masturbate with someone else. I would love to dirty talk, role play, cross dress, husband and wife. I’m open for anything. Lately I have a desire to have anal sex. Giving and receiving. I like hot cross dressers with a nice ass. I love to eat ass and be eaten. I’m even open to wearing lingerie. I just want something different. If interested say u are and I’ll give you my number or email.

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  • Sounds great. I would love to then after you get more comfortable then do it in person. I would love to tell you dirty stories while stroking your cock off then eat all your yummy cum as it squirts out into my mouth. Then I would lick and suck you clean again. You could also stroke my cock if you like. Just sayin ya know.

  • Sounds great I would love that

  • Post an email address, or a way I can contact you. Would love to talk.

  • I would love to talk to you over the phone. Send me your email

  • You're making me hot. You can eat my ass if I can suck your cock.

  • Oh I would love to

  • Shit yeah I'm fucking game. I would love to suck your cock and lick your bung hole. Finger your asshole and put my fingers in your mouth. Fuck now I'm so horny.

  • I would love to do that

  • Me Too #

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