Would you fuck your 16 year old neise if she was willing?

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  • I have always thought about my older cousin. She is mind blowing hot.

  • I have a 14 year old cousins who looks amazing. I'm 30.

  • 18+ only but id fuck any family members

  • Me too 👍

  • My Olde Sisters Daughter was 17 and I was 33 When we had Sexual contact :-( yes I felt so so very guilty after and wrong But sex was so so tense and No one ever knew and it's still are secret now I'm 61 now

  • I'm 17 and been fucking my uncle (Daddy's brother) for the last two years. He's handsom, tall, strong and fucking rich. I've been into him all my life. At 15, I got a nice body finally. I just went after him.

    I've been living with him during the lockdown and we fuck like mad. My parents are pissed off at us, but can't do a fucking thing about it. He mine and I am keeping him.

    I'm a total slut in bed so he has no interest in other girls. I do every dirty and disgusting thing he wants and needs. If I get pregnant it would be great.

  • Bull Shit one phone call and him and you are locked up. Don't give us it's legal where you live. Trailer park trash.

  • You sound like a delightful niece

  • If I was him I would get you pregnant
    I would be so proud.

  • God, I wish my niece liked women, lol

  • What would you have done if he liked women,?

  • Saw a picture of my 14 year old niece. Great tits! Amazing body! I would definitely fuck her

  • Working on getting inside her

  • I’d fuck her if she weren’t

  • I have done it already. She was very willing so im doing it again and again. She is the best little fuck ive ever had.... mmm

  • In the country I live in 16 is the legal age of consent to have a sexual relationship, so what's the issue, so get her fucked

  • Well said!!

  • I have a 16 year old niece who is willing. I'm going to fuck her.

  • You are lucky

  • Without any hesitation I would a hard dick has no conscience

  • Yep absolutely!!

  • I definitely would. 16 year old pussy is amazing!

  • I'd pound her pussy like there was no tomorrow!!

  • Fuck no.

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