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I will admit I never really knew what a cuckold was. I had seen titles on here but never read any of them. To be honest my fetish was MILF. I would scan through this web site and others looking for anything MILF. Older women are still hot as fuck and I still jackoff to them.

My girlfriend is my age. She's cute, 5'2 about 110 lbs with blonde hair. She has no curves at all. She's flat chested and no butt. I'm serious, she doesn't wear a bra. No need for one. All she wears is an undershirt. Like I said, she is cute but she's not gorgeous.

She and I went to a party a few weeks ago. Everyone was drinking, me a little way to much. It was late and I must of passed out, because when I woke up, everyone was gone. I looked around expecting to see a few people let, like my girlfriend, but there was nobody. I saw Chad and woke him long enough to ask where my girlfriend was. He mumbled something and then pointed upstairs before passing out again.

I stumbled up the steps and opened the first door. Whoops, sorry, two people I have no idea who they were fucking. I opened the next door, whoops sorry. What the fuck, everyone fucking up here? I opened the next door and found my girlfriend, legs in the air, on her back letting some guy fuck her. My dick hot rock hard and instead of getting pissed, I got horny as hell. I stood there and watched, stroking my dick while this guys was fucking my girlfriend. By the time my girlfriend noticed, I had shot a load and was stroking it hard again. She jumped up and tried to apologize, but I told her it was fine. Keep fucking him.

Later on the next day she tried to apologize again. I told her it was fine and it excited me watching her fuck the other guy. Her face got confused and she asked if I was a cuckold. I didn't know what that meant but I remembered seeing it on here. She asked I wanted her to fuck a guy in front of me. I told her yes, it made me horny as hell. That night she invited the same guy over to our house and I watched as they fucked again. I had never ejaculated so hard in my life. Normally I'm a one trick pony, but when I watch my girlfriend getting fucked, I can jackoff and shoot my load 3 or 4 times in a row.

So obviously I'm a cuckold, and now I'm reading all these cuckold post about other guys who like watching their girl fuck some other dude. I told my buddy and he asked if I was gay. I'm NOT gay, I have no interest in the guy. I just like watching my girl get her push pounded by another guy. I don't understand why guys get pissed off and jealous. My dick gets rock fucking hard and I get horny as hell.


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  • Bunch of twinkled toed faggots here

  • Would love for someone to seduce my wife

  • She's too fucking ugly not going to happen. I mean she is so fucking ugly if there was a prison break they'd turn themselves back in rather than even be free and look at the ugly fucking bitch.

  • Shortly after we got married at 22, my best friend and best man at our wedding cake stayed the weekend with us. Friday night, we drank and ate and just stayed in catching up. The next day, my wife cooked us breakfast, wearing tiny shorts and a tank top with no bra like she usually did but this time we had a guest. I noticed him checking her out and I could have told her to put on something more appropriate but it was a turn on. We went out that night, my friend wanted to go to a club hoping to get laid while he was in town. He didn’t hook up with anyone. We got back to the apartment and my wife and I went to our bedroom and he was on the couch. She was going down on me, and said she was thirsty and asked if I’d go get her water. I said you go, she was only wearing panties, I said go and let him see you, he’s been checking you out, it’ll really shock him, I dare you. She was drunk and she did it, passed right in front of him, and drank water and came back giggling. I was going down on her and I told her she probably made him really horny, he’s probably jerking off to her right now, go offer him a BJ. She said are you sure, what if he says yes, I said then give him a BJ, she said really, I said yeah it’s just a BJ and it’ll be hot watching you. She got up and opened the door and stood naked and said hey do you want a BJ, he said uh yeah. I waited nervously for a couple of minutes, then walked in the living room, he was sitting on the couch, and my wife was kneeling on the floor in front of him naked going down on him. I got behind her and did her while she gave him head. I came in her quickly, he came in her mouth and she swallowed. We went to bed. The next morning, she said she wanted to do more, I said okay, she left the room and when I went to the living room she and him were having sex on the couch. When he was done I got on and got sloppy seconds. That was a weekend to remember.

  • Enjoy the lifestyle! I have been a cuckold for 43 of the 44 years my wife and I have been married and we have loved it.

  • You've been a faggot for how long ? Woe!

  • I want to do this so bad (as the girl). Maybe more of a group sex type situation instead. Some dude to fuck me and my husband hold me down as it happens and I suck my husband off. I don't like to watch my husband jerk off. I want to do it for him or do something else for him to make him cum. I want to do all the work while he enjoys the show.

  • What suck another man's cock while your girl gets fucked by a real man. Okay yeah me too .

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