I'm sick, but i can't help it

My mom died a few years after i was born, so it has always been me, my two older brothers and my dad. But a little over 2 years ago, i've been starting to get really dirty thoughts abouy my dad. Just for note, my dad is the sexy kind of buff and one of the nicest people i know. I always "accidently" walk in on him changing clothes or in the bathroom, and sometimes i take his underwear after he has been to the gym and masturbates while smelling/ licking it. the worst i've ever done is when i found out he sleeps naked, so i stayed up real late to make sure everyone was asleep. Than i walked into his room and started gently rubbing cock while feriously masturbating myself (luckilly i moan very silently) i know i'm a nasty fuck, but i really can't stop thinking about him. I want him to fuck me hard and rough, but that's not really something i can just tell him. I really need help, ehat should i do?


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  • Get psycho therapy! i mean theres a lot of borderline stuff going on, on this site, but this is way beyond. it aint so bad dude, you just a pick a nice therpist and talk to him/her and you'll be better in no time. there's nothing wrong with being gay, but being gay for your dad is a lot.

  • If you are a guy, that's fucking disgusting and you should seek help at the end of a rope. If you are a girl then that's totally hot and you should seduce your dad and let him fill every hole in your tight young body full of his incestuous baby batter, and by all means,get impregnated with his baby.

  • .....im a guy

  • Ignore the homophobic piece of trash. Telling someone to kill themselves is beyond low...he's just a prick with a keyboard in his mom and dad's basement. But, you probably should consider seeking some help. Fantasy is one thing, but touching your father without his permission is crossing the line, sweetheart.

  • Kill yourself

  • Fuck off.

  • You're fucking sick

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