My daughter lives with me.
She likes to shop, (imagine that) and we were at the mall walking along and passed V's secret.
She looked in the window and wanted to go in and look at a baby doll night gown. Not thinking I said sure.
She ended up picking out 2 different outfits. One light pink almost white, and the other red.

Later that night she came out in the pink one to show me. It was sexy, and it was see through. It was so thin that I knew she shaved.
She wore it all night around the house, and I was turned on.
The next night she wore the red one. It had a long transparent robe with it that covered nothing. It was thinner that the other one. So what does she do, takes the robe off. I could see her boobs clear as day and her p--y was just as clear.
She asked me how I likes id, and I just said it looks great.
Now I have a problem, She started wearing them with out panties.
She is 18 and trying to seduce me. She sits near me with her knees up so everything is exposed. I would not hesitate to sleep with her. I started to just wear a bath robe at night. I'm just concerned because she is not on birth control and "does she want to get pregnant?"


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  • Fake incest post.


  • Why are you still here reading these stories? Your gonna have a heart attack gramps, getting all worked up and such. Go back to Fox News.

  • To the so called pilot and his wife critiquing people here...shut the fuck up. If it’s so bad then why are you and your wife reading this story? Perhaps you should go ask her...why after 30 years you both read stories like this over and over, and claim how bad they are...but in reality you both get excited...

  • My wife is not reading this story just some replies moron. The point that you missed is I'm not hiding shit from her and not afraid to let her and my friends see this bull shit. This Shit is so offense that I want to get rid of it.

  • First fuck off. Second looking to read romance stories or real confessions is a normal thing. But when I found this place and read your sick fucking fake stories at first I took them seriously. The fact is this place should be shut down. No age verification and the sick things you sick fucks post about sex with family members and with children is so fucked up. The fact that any underage child can come here and read this crap is fucking unbelievable. Thats something you sick fucks don't even think. As a matter of you all would be in heaven if a child came here. The fact that you sick fucks even post this crap is more fucking unbelievable. And since a good friends granddaughter was sexually assaulted from her father starting from 9years old till she was 13 then she tried to commit suicide, puts so much anger in my heart. So fuck you for your incest posts and as long as your fucking post them I will hit them as I wish it was your fucking face I was hitting. Don't start with tough guy fuck I don't care if I lose as long as I get one shot in. And that would happen. You sick fucks do nothing but fuck up peoples lives if you'r doing this. I'm betting most of this is fake but if one person does it for real because they read it here then you fucked them and their victim up. Every time you post that sick shit you'r insulting all victims of sexual crimes. All those comments are not mine there is other people who hate what you are fucking posting. The fact is that a family should take care of each other and protect each other from sick fucks like yourselves. Children must be allowed to grow up as children and their first sexual experience should be with someone their age and not family. But believe this I will continue to post my fucking disgust and keep reporting this site and its sister site. To missing and exploited children as well to other law enforcement. If they get sick of my reports hopefully they will do something and shut this shit down. So FUCK YOU.

  • One more thing you sick fucks have to push the freedom of speech so far one day that will be stripped. I'm older now and watching you ass holes destroy this country and its morals.

  • Shut up you dumbfuck asswipe Trump supporter. Go catch Covid and die off.

  • Fuck you who said I was a Trump supporter? You fucking ass holes have to throw politics in the picture to hurt me? Really is that all you got? Dam straight cause I live a normal life. My wants and needs don't have the words illegal, immoral and disgusting attached to it. Man is this it for you all you live for is to have incest really. You don't want to hear from me then leave these confessions alone and don't post new ones. You get your fucking jollies off reading and posting this and I should die. Go look in the mirror and keep telling yourselves that incest is ok and everybody else is wrong. That way you can see another ass hole who agrees with you.

  • You are the one getting so worked up, you and your wife pretend to be so wholesome and go to church, go to Rotary and a country club...but deep down you both are deviant and perverted as well. We all know that.

  • The only time we went into church was for weddings and funerals. No rotary or country club either. You are going to have to do better than that. And we don't pretend you do. All you do is pretend that you stuck your dick in your daughter ,sister or sissified your son and fucked him. That is beyond sick and nasty. Man you want to risk you freedom and screw up your relationships with your friends and family. Just so you can stick your dick in a vagina have a cock to suck on? There are billions of cocks and vaginas out there that won't get you in trouble. You just want what you can't have. It's the taboo that gets you sick fucks going.

  • You love these stories don’t you? You are disgusted with yourself for reading them and getting aroused. It makes you hate yourself.

  • No I don't like the stories don't hate myself. Just hate you and the fake shit you post. I mean really do jack off to this incest shit? I can take this laptop to the anyone and show my replies, can you sick fuck? You are worse then the virus. You are the scum of the earth. How many lives have you fucked up? Incest is sick and since the majority of make the laws, the laws are right. Go get the fuck out of here and move to where it is legal and shut the fuck up.

  • You secretly get off on it and feel guilty. Thats why you are on this stupid crusade

  • Shut the fuck stupid don't get off to this crap. I get happy when I'm fucking up you replies about incest and being a pedophilic. I'm hoping that the moderator of this site finally gets off their ass and remove the sick confessions and reply's. But answer one question for me. How does it feel thinking about incest all day and nothing else? I mean really have you ever been mentally confined to a hospital. Ok thats two questions.

  • Where is you dumb ass response to my questions. Thats too bad was looking forward to your lame ass comment.

  • Gen Z kids are more screwed up more than ever. They need to be slapped upside their heads. Slap her hard and tell her to put clothes on.

  • Leave you daughter alone. If you touch her I hope. You are caught and your family and friends know and wave good bye you as you get the death penalty.

  • Dumb, she does not want to get pregnant, she wants to be fucked. You have seen her shaved pussy through her see-through dress and I am sure you did not overlook her budding tits. Fuck her and fuck her well!

  • Fuck off incest lover! They can end up in jail or worse the death penalty.

  • Nothing wrong in consensual sex between adults. She is already 18 and need to be fucked.

  • Agreed!!

  • You should definitely get your dick in this girl! Even more so because she is your daughter. It would have only taken that first night for me to get my cum on her and in her.

  • Leave it alone sick fucks

  • I would definitely fuck my daughter if I had the chance!!

  • You are a sick fuck ass hole

  • I don't think so

  • Oh yes you are a fucked up ass hole

  • No I'm human and with my on mind. It's nature

  • How come it's not on the 99% of us? You have the mentality of a dog.

  • Yes it is on your mind. Thats why I support the death penalty. Especially for Pedophilic fuckers but incest lovers to.Because yours and their minds can't be changed. When caught they should be put to death so they will never repeat their crimes again. We treat criminals better then their victims. We give them 3 hots and a cot for life.They get commissary and TVs in their cell. They just can't leave. You sick nuts end up in Protective custody because the general population would kill you in a heart beat.

  • Whatever dude

  • Is that it whatever dude? or is that because that is the indisputable truth. It is the truth. Sex offenders get out and almost all of them repeat their offense again. Now there is another victim again. So kill them it's hard to repeat when they are six feet down in the ground.

  • You sound like a person with serious issues

  • Fuck you! you have the issues Believe me the death penalty would be seriously expanded if I had my way. All murder case's and even attempted murder case's would get death. Just because someone screwed up and hired an undercover cop to kill someone doesn't mean they didn't want them dead. Rapists and child molesters death! Not in 25 years but right after found guilty. Then the death penalty would work as a deterrent. And no more plea bargaining that gotta stop.

  • I am a boob expert. I love boobs. Small ones, big ones, I don't care. As such, I became an expert in bras. I learned how they are supposed to fit properly and I learned every different style, cut, and size, along with color matching with panties. I don't wear them, but I am an expert just because I love boobs so much.
    Believe it or not, most women wear the wrong bra. They either wear the wrong size or wrong cut, wrong style, wrong matching panties, or wrong fabric.
    So my wife who is now convinced I am a bra God, asked me if i would help her sister with her bra. I agreed and we went to VS and Soma. While we were shopping my wife's sister called me into the fitting room to help her. At first I refused and sent my wife in instead, but she needed my expertise, so my wife came out and I went in.
    The bra she had on was the wrong cut, so I told her to try on the other one. I was going to step out, but she told me to stay, then removed the bra. Here I was standing there face to face with my SIL with her boobs out.
    Oh it gets worse, after she tried on the other bra, she wanted me to adjust it for her. So here I am standing there touching her boobs as I adjust the bra around her. I asked her if she wanted me to stop, but she said no it was fine. I saw her naked boobs and felt them so many times that day, I lost count.

  • She wants you to fuck her.

  • Daughter's often ask their daddy's to buy them provocative sexy attire. Usually, they may be tempted to give them advice on how to be attractive and sexy

  • Thats a load of horse shit. Get your head out of fantasy land. Girls go to stores with friends not daddy ass hole.

  • AHHHHHHHHbullshit ops just sneezed. But still a bull shit story. Nice fantasy but don't tell us it true. Where did you get your bra diploma from? Boob school😭

  • Don't listen to the incest ass holes here leave the father daughter relationship you have now alone. It will screw it up and if your family and friends find out. No one will be talking to both of you. She would probably would commit suicide if her friends found out about it.

  • Not sure that your daughter wants to get pregnant but she definitely wants sex with you! You should wear condoms initially but obviously get her on the pill as soon as possible! Enjoy!

  • Don't touch her. Your relationship will always be awkward after that.

  • Rubbish, if anything their relationship will be even stronger.

  • No it won't if her friends found out she would kill herself in a heartbeat. If the family found out they would be cast outs cut from the family. Stop with your Fantasias and think in reality.

  • What your reality?? I think you need to open your eyes to the possibility that not all incest is bad. She is 18 and old enough to choose a sexual partner and make decisions about her life. Why would anyone find out? Do you tell everyone what happens under your roof? Incest between adults isn't illegal everywhere and remember people from other countries can use this site! If it is consensual and safe sex then I see no problems.

  • Why would anyone find out? Thats easy someone comes home when they weren't supposed be. They think they are alone when they are not. Wife suspects something and hides a nanny cam. She can't keep her mouth shut and thinks her friend won't tell anyone. Brother is spying on sister and see her boinking dad. Accidentally left the curtain open. Noisy neighbor there is a lot of peeping toms here. They make a mistake in public. Need I keep going. Sooner or later they will get caught.

  • Lol.So u r a glass halve emty kinda guy. You only live once

  • No I want to live a full life and not spend any part in jail or prison. I am doing that just fine without breaking the law or having my friends I have known over 40 years and my family walking away in total disgust. Just so I can't stick my dick in a vagina! Because if you look at that way she is just another mouth and vagina. Just another fuck. And if she lets you, just another slut. There are millions like that, that won't get you in trouble.

  • If incest was ok in society then people involved in incest would have no problems telling their friends and families that they are involved with each other.

  • I would have no problem telling what happens under my roof as it is basically the same as my friends house. Incest lovers are like cockroaches they scatter when the lights come on.

  • You must have a boring sex life then! If you have one of course!! Lol

  • If my friends and family found out that we where in to whips and chains. Just an example! That would be a little kinky, but no problem. But if I told them I was with my sister or my mother, the same mother and sister they knew for forty years . I would have no friends and my brothers would all kick the crap out of me and disown my sister and not speak with my mother.

  • I have a normal sex life thank you.

  • Of course you do lol 🙄

  • Good old missionary position eh? Lol

  • What ever I do is between my wife and I, but been happy for over 30 years together. And I don't have to worried about my friends or family and best of all the law disproving about what we do. I won't get locked up for having sex with my wife. You can be lock for having sex with your sister. Don't start with it's legal part cause we know that it's not legal where you live.

  • You think your wife is happy lol. I won't get locked up lol

  • Yes my wife is happy as I type this my wife is making chocolate chip cookies for me.😎 Over 30 years married and happy. How many of you can say that?

  • They why the fuck are you in here reading sex stories? Your wife will soon find out the pervert you really are in a letter addressed to her by your gay lover.

  • Why are you here?

  • I'm here because of the virus. We are stuck at home because you people refuse to abide by the virus rules . Mr wife is an RN treating covid-19 patients and we have to self quarantine in case we get it. Got tried of Yahoo and all the depressing news. And searched the web for stories and found this place. This place has some nice confessions and then there is this sick crap. Incest and pedophilic confessions! Wow how sick and fucked up those are. Family and children are the most important part in our life. We must protect and guard them from harm, Not abuse them. That is the reason I hit and will keep hitting the sick posts here. But the other confessions are ok and some are erotic to read.

  • Lol

  • My wife is right here with me as I'm typing this. Not gay and not all stories are sick like this one. I found this site because of the virus and lockdown. Because I'm older and a high risk for covid-19. I'm stuck here. We are starting to open up but can't risk it. Besides plane is in for its annual inspection and instrument software upgrades. It won't be ready for about 2 weeks. But flying has its problems with landing with the virus. So can't really do that. But it's nice to go up and fly for a few hours and do some touch and go's.

  • Again lol. U r not fooling anyone perv

  • Fuck you ass hole

  • Incest has the death penalty in 8 countries so it's bad.

  • Incest between adults is legal in Spain, France, Portugal, Russia and many more! So actually it's not bad!!

  • You better look at France! France is slowly changing their incest laws. A bill was introduced in France last year to bring the country in line with countries including the UK, were incest is outlawed. The Paris parliament rejected it, however. But this year the slightly modified bill is going through parliament again.

  • And in eight countries it is the death penalty ass wipe. In other countries the penalty for incest ranges from 3years to life. Only a few countries don't have incest laws. But that doesn't mean incest is acceptable in their society. So fuck off with you crap.

  • No cares about Muslim countries

  • They aren't all Muslim countries that have the death penalty.

  • Stop it Incest fuck. You and your 600 pound ugly assed sister and you did nothing. Yes it is me from the other site you tried to convince everybody and I about your lust for your fucking sister and wishing you had sex with your mom.

  • So, I know it's you! But it's not my fault you don't like the truth. Why can't you accept that some people have sex with family members? You some weird obsessive thing going on here and it's unhealthy and very narrow minded.

  • Because you are not the majority you are the minority. You have lied about having sex with your sister and even fantasied about sex with mommy. You have to be very fucked up the have sex with family members. You can't even get chosen on Tinder. They keep swiping you off! No one in their right mind will ever accept that incest is ok. There is always the aggressor and the victim. That doesn't change. One makes the move and the other suffers from it. You have only fantasied about sex with your mother and sister. The odd's of both parties loving incest is higher than lotto as one gives in to the other. I don't care if they are full grown adults. As I told you, tell your friends and the whole family about incest between you and your sisters and you gave lame excuses why you wouldn't.

    You think incest is ok. My friends 13 year old granddaughter tried to comment suicide. Thank god her mother found her. It turns out that her father had been molesting her since she was nine years old. When she turned 13 he started to have full intercourse with her. Mother divorced him immediately. Her father just got sentenced last week to 30 years with 10 years suspended He will have to do the full 20 years and he will be on parole for those 10 years. He is now a registered sex offender and will have to register anywhere he goes in this country for life when he gets out. When he gets out he will be in his fifties. Maybe when she was young it might've been fun with daddy don't know. But when she realized that it's wrong, she tried to commit suicide. So take your fucking incest ideas and shove them up your ass.
    And this is as real as it gets.

    Because incest is illegal If you get caught by the law enforcement and get convicted of it. You automatically become a sex offender and have to register as one for life. Just google incest murders there is tons of storylines about that. Thats happing in all countries!

  • And no I never said sex with family members don't happen. I stated it's not right and illegal in most countries. Now another fact incest is legal in 23 countries. But there are 195 countries. Thats less than 12.5% of the world that thinks incest is ok. That makes you and incest a minority in the world.

  • All you give is an opinion and there is nothing factual about what you say. I know my truth and I'm ok with it. Opinions will always have a strong reaction on this subject but have you ever considered I may I have a point?

  • What happened to my friends granddaughter is a fact. Thats real so fuck off! And next I will give you more facts ass hole.

  • I would never support abuse. I'm sorry if your friend's suffered abused.

  • Suffered abused? WTFIT She suffered too much abuse she will be fucked up for life. She tried to kill herself and whats to say in time she won't have PTSD attack and finish the job.

  • Again, sorry to here that.

  • You in fact never had sex with your sister as I know you don't even have a sister. I have been hammering you sister and not even one remark back. When you posted that what happened to my friends granddaughter was not true. You annoyed me and I told you off. In all the posts I have called your sister a fat fuck, you never stood up for her. Not once thats because she doesn't exist. You only responded when I attacked your mom. If you want to fantasize about incest well what ever floats your boat. But when you encourage it, thats a problem. You might get someone in a lot of trouble by listening to you. If you want incest to be legal then fight for it. Not here but for real! NAMBLA had its chance and failed. Go do it or keep it to yourself.

  • Here is some research for you that you can get off you lazy ass and look up to verify.

    Incest is legal in 23 countries!

    But it is illegal in 172 countries. Where incest is illegal in those countries and most of America! The penalties for incest range from 3 years in prison to life in prison and the death penalty in 8 countries. In some countries whipping or caning goes along with a prison sentence.
    If you look at incest as a percentage, incest is legal in less than 12.5% of countries in the world. Making incest a minority in the world as 87.5% of the countries don't allow incest.

    In the USA it is legal in only two states, New Jersey and Rhode Island. In those two states the only form of incest allowed is 1st cousins incest. Close Family Member (CFM) incest is illegal in both states. CFM include the Father, mother, brother, sister, Grandfather or grandmother, Aunt / uncle, Niece or nephew.
    Consensual incest is legal in Russia, Spain, Portugal and Italy. However, in Italy if the situation becomes a public scandal then it becomes punishable with 2-8 years in jail. In terms of France, Luxembourg and Belgium, it is not necessary legal but there are no laws that prohibit the act. Countries such as Greece, Latvia and Lithuania merely outlaw incest for adults but not minors. Although, incest is legal in Russia, under their Family Code, family members whether it be “step” or “half” related may not marry.
    There is no printed information for the remaining 12 countries that incest is legal.

    In countries that incest is legal, The Thailand Journal of Forensic Sciences reported that the rates of incest in their country was about 5% and other countries that incest is legal averages out to about 4% of people have had or had incestual relations. That makes incest a minority in those countries where incest is legal.

  • I've already replied to this copied and pasted article. Not factual and not accurate figures

  • Bull shit look them up and do the math if you can. If you can't get someone to help you.

  • Why haven't you looked them up? Because you looked up what countries allow incest and you read the same facts that I copied from and posted here. And if you know math you know the figures add up.

  • Disgusting fake incest story. Don't believe him and don't get the pedos going.

  • You'll have to get her on birth control. In the meantime, you'll just have to wear a condom, or pull out and cum on her tits.

  • Leave your daughter alone you sick fuck.

  • It's not sick at all! She is 18 for god's sake!! She knows exactly what she is doing.

  • My daughter welcomed it.

  • Yup because now she can have what ever she wants. Daddy buy me that new BMW or go to jail. I want a new house or go to jail. If you don't give it to me then you will be getting fucked by big bad Bubba in prison. She got you by the balls and all she had to do is spread those fat legs and let you go for that nasty seafood special. Rotten tuna and craps to go.

  • Incest is sick. Don't care if she is forty.

  • It may not be your preference but alot of people like it. Just like homosexuality again not for everyone but alot of people are into it.

  • I would rather see queers fucking then incest. There is a mental reason for homosexuality. Incest is just a nasty choice, death to the incest lovers. So shut the fuck up incest lover

  • Incest should be a choice and it should be a human right between adults. I thought we live in the free world.

  • Well in cases like that you don't. To bad so sad. 😢 there I shed a tear for you look.

  • You are not free to take someone else's dignity and morals away you sick fuck

  • There is nothing wrong with consensual sex

  • Thats the only thing you said thats right. But when it is between family members then it is sick and fucked up. Those people will have to live with it for the rest of their lives not telling anyone in person that it happened. In fact if in a court under oath, they would rather commit perjury, then tell the truth. See that is something normal people don't have to do. There is nothing in my past that I would lie about under oath.

  • My god you are so brain washed and lack ability to question anything! It's a bit like talking to a brain washed German during WW2. It's frightening.

  • My brain! All I said was go tell families and friends about being involved in a incest relationship and see what happens. Your Sick fucking ass would be exposed and no one in their right mind would respect you again. If it is ok then tell your friends and family you are involved in a relationship with a family member. Thats no worst then telling them you have a boyfriend or girlfriend you are going out with.But your sick fucking ass won't because you might get arrested and you will lose your friends and the support of you families.

  • Lol. I don't need other to justify my actions. But i will tell my friend and i can say with confidence he will support me.

  • THEN DO! IT TELL YOUR FRIEND PLEASE DO IT. But be truthful when you come back and tell us how it went. I'm talking about someone who you know and did not meet online in some sick incest post.

  • Where you sick fuck I could only wish prison.

  • Fuck you there are laws to protect the innocent from scumbags like you.

  • Depending on where you live

  • Scroll up ass hole if you can read.

  • If she wants it (sounds like she does!) then go for it and live the dream!

    Just imagine how horny it would feel to shoot your load inside your teenage daughter! Very jealous! Go for it and let us know how it was! ;-)

  • Totally agree!!!!

  • Fucking die incest lover

  • She is enjoying her feminine power. My wife calls it the power of the puss.

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