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So, I’m 15-16 and I have a younger sister which is one year younger. I accept her as my own sis but sometimes I want to do things, like sex. We never do it but I always have sexual feelings for her but sometimes I take pics of her in the nude but I stopped because I knew it was wrong. I’m still thinking of doing stuff but I need assistance to either end it or continue it.

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  • It is imperative for your mental health that start pumping your jizz up all your sisters fuck holes immediately. Invite your friends over and see if you and a mate can force both your cocks up her asshole at once. Stretch her ass open and then as a group, all piss into her open asshole and get her to drink it down. She'll be only too happy to vomit it back up all over your throbbing dicks. Then ask her sweetly to tongue your assholes while you jerk each other off.
    But make sure she wears her school uniform below her knees. Otherwise people might think she's a slut.

  • It’s not really a thing that I would do, especially piss. But I would invite people.

  • Sounds like your own fantasy

  • Since you don't know how old you are, it never happened.

  • I believe it's old he approximately was when this happened. So possible I guess

  • Yep

  • I meant it's possible to not know your exact age when you have certain feelings. Apologies about my poor English! Lol. I can't remember exactly what age I was when I became sexually attracted to my sister, I know I was in my early twenties and she had finished school so she was approximately eighteen. She is now thirty four and I still want to fuck her! I guess some desires never leave you.

  • You should gradually get closer to your sister become more affectionate. Start doing things together like going out to places and maybe find a situation where it's just you two eg get a tent and camp out? Even if it's just in the garden. Give your sister plenty of compliments, tells how great her body is and you want someone just like her. Also, tell her you love her and you couldn't ask for a better sister, girls love hearing especially from an older brother. Seducing your sister may take a bit of time but it's worth the effort. Depending on the response you get from your sister will determine how much you should progress. Obviously flirt with your sister but be too perverse and do some research on flirting. It's hard to advise without knowing you and your sister but just be smart about it and plan your steps carefully! Good luck!

  • * don't be too perverse

  • Thx for the advice :)

  • You're welcome! Really hope you and your sister progress to a sexual relationship. Remember birth control!!

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