Camping strangers

My girlfriend and I went camping at a very secluded place. Matter a fact, in the 3 years we had been going there, we never saw one other person, until this night. We had been there all day fishing and swimming. It was getting later on and we decided to eat, when this car pulled up. Three guys and one girl got out. They asked if we minded they join us at our camp site. I didn't care, so they set up their tent. Only one.

We sat around the fire and drank and talked. Later on, one of the guys got up with the girl and they disappeared in the tent. Clearly we could hear them having sex. So I said to the one guy, they must be a couple. She says no, none of them are couples, she just likes to please then all. I called bullshit on him, but sure enough, a little while later, they returned and she took the other guy to the tent, and then finally the last guy.

We started talking about what happened and the girl likes to have sex, but doesn't want to screw just anyone, so she picked these three guys. I asked the last guy if he enjoyed fucking her pussy full of other guys cum. He said it wasn't bad, and was actually kind of arousing to fuck a cum filled pussy. The girl then asked if I wanted to see for myself. My girlfriend Instantly jumped up and said hell no. The girl calmly told her she got to have the three guys. We talked it over and agreed to do it. For the next few hours I spent the night fucking this girl while my girlfriend fucked these three guys.

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  • My favorite tale on the site now

  • I'm jealous.

  • My girlfriend and I hiked the Appalachian trail. Well not all of it, fuck you would have to be nuts to do the whole thing. We were hiking a section and hadn't seen anyone all day. So we setup camp. About midnight a guy wonders in asking if he could catch some heat from our fire. We started talking and found out his girlfriend refused to hike with him and instead dumped him to be with his buddy. My girlfriend felt bad for the guy. She asked if she could give him a blowjob just to help the guy feel better. I agreed to only a blowjob, but it turned into full on fucking. He dropped a load in her pussy and then went on his way. A couple months later we found out my girlfriend was pregnant. Guess what, it was this guys kid. I'm sterile and couldn't get her pregnant. I told her only a blowjob, but she didn't listen. I dumped the bitch.

  • Something about camping. My hot wife i had to rescue from from a convent, almost. She spent a month in one during the summer while in college and considered being a nun. We were hiking the AT, on a hot summer evening we're alone at a lean to. We're cooling off nude, drying our sweaty cloths on a tree. Snoozing we wake to some guy setting up. Mary Beth quickly wraps herself in a too small towel. Her big tits are mostly exposed. Her groundhog hairy bush covers her pussy the towel misses. (It's 1972, most girls don't trim) . It's not a big deal, nudity on the trail is common, there's no dressing rooms, water falls are coed showers. Bob is a nice guy, shares his pot. Beth still sporting the towel. Bob can't take his eyes off her big tits. It's been 2 months without his gf. Beth is high, it's hot, her tits are wet. She lets her tits out. She inches closer to Bob, have more pot. She moves on him. Feeling mellow i let it be. The towel is off, they're both nude. He feels weird because of me. She's horny as drunken saylor. I take little walk. Its too dark to see what she's doing. I get closer. Bob is laying on the sleeping table, she leaning over giving him a blowjob. I go in and fuck her. She's wetter than an otter's pocket. She is dripping wet. I go to sleep. Wake up 2 hours later to the sounds of Bob fucking her. Then at 4 am we both get after her and she rejects our advances. We say nothing for 4 miles next day, then 'no more pot for me'
    Her only other partner ever. We still talk about it.
    A perfect storm thing.

  • Sounds hot. Did you both have them all bareback?

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