I am nasty and naughty and horney all the time.I have a hardon all night long and this morning it wanted me to put on one of my favorite panties that I've cum in so many times I've lost count and these ones never wash because when I spray them down with lavender infused water..My shemale cock goes crazy putting out precum and I take the precum and keep rubbing it on my panties and just keep presuming over and over again all the time watch compilations of shemales cumming and shemales cumming in bums and pussies..all the time videoing the whole event..oh what fun it is to play with myself..and I was dildoing my pussy whole all the time too..just being a little dirty sissy whore..ready anytime to be fucked and sucked by my shemale friends and I just came alot..filling my panties with more cum for future masturbating in long..panties300+

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  • You all know that there are not chicks with dicks!
    Only men with tits. Got that!

  • Cocks do love to be in women's panties, I know mine sure does and masturbating in them is so much fun! It's an addiction for me too a naughty one I truly enjoy. Thanks for your post I do relate and I'm sure there or other's out there who do feel horney in panties and want to masturbate and cum in them!

  • From a porn star shemale.Thanks for watching us and including us in your posting on this web site. We do everything we can to turn our watchers on---your shemale friends sound fun to be have found an admirer now go and have more sexual fun!

  • Wow ...! panties Are fun to masturbate in - in are search to connect with are feminine side- you have definitely connected with yours - more power to you- from a shemale admirer wish I could be with you to play!


  • From the LGBT community... who ever you are who made the "piss off" comment ! You have pissed off a whole lot of us out here..After being given a Supreme court decision to protect our rights..
    You come along and judge someone else's must be a Tumper who doesn't like the gay community..go fuck just pissed off a whole lot of us bigtime!..this is not a post for your judgementalness!!

  • Piss off

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