Wife’s Confession

We’ve been married 25 years our sex life was good throughout those years. My wife had cheated on me with four different men through those years. We didn’t really have an open relationship but she knew I believe that I forgive her each time. So he came to a shock to me when we was sitting around alone talking. She was a little horny at the time. And we were talking about sex we had when we was younger before we met.And then she let it out. When she was She was little she used to masturbate her dad. This came as a shock to me because her family was a normal well loving family. She always loved her daddy dearly and never thought in 1 million years that could’ve happened. She waited on my reaction and then she continued and told me that she not only masturbated him they had sex throughout her high school years and beyond. After the initial shock and talking with her about it and her knowing me and how I get turned on by her previous sex Partners. She blurted out that they had never stopped. In other words she had a regular sexual relationship with her dad until he passed of lung cancer 10 years ago.

Then she told me about her FWB that she has had for the past three years. I took thisIn stride and I believe she knew me better than myself because when she gave me details I wanted more details. The more detail she gave me the more turned on by Got.

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  • Love father/daughter incest. She sounds like the kind of daughter a lot of men would love. I wonder if her mom knew?

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