Pretty please

Please , to all the female bosses\managers out there , consider to include foot worship among the duties of your subordinates, there are people that would be more than glad to satisfy you :D

4 months ago

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    • Yeah, but there are also people that would report you to HR and have you fired. Roll the dice.

    • What you said is wrong , insignificant and you just want to spoil the fun , this "roll the dice" thing is bullshit , all the people involved in this will be very happy to keep their mouth shut , probably the only handicapped shits would be those like you that would report , and again , i know that this "roll the dice" thing make you feel so intelligent but in truth is bullshit especially considering what i have told you now , dick , what i said will happen more in the future and is happening even now for the happiness of many people , fuck you and your defeatism, also with your narrow mind you shouldn't even be here in this site , you are completely out of border , go reply in yahoo answer , you fucking trash, go fucking kill yourself

    • In today's "#me too" society where people are revealing past sexual boundary pushing and harassment in droves? Sure, roll the dice, Buddy.

    • No you handicapped shit you are wrong , i am right , what you said is just bullshit , and that catchy phrase you say doesn't change that because all he people involved would just shut up to avoid any possible consequence , you shit

    • What you said is still wrong you handicapped shit , what i said is right , i am right and you are wrong you dick , and as i said , repeat that dice thing doesn't change this fact one bit , if you don't like what i told you shouldn't have commented at all , i know that stupid people feel so intelligent when using some catchy phrase , but you are still wrong , fucking shit , this is already happening and it will happen more in the future whatever is the bullshit that you like to keep repeating or whatever you say that make you feel so clever , dick , there is no fucking rolled dice , and all the people involved would just stay silent in order to not have any problem , so the point is that you probably don't like this thing and as all the assholes dicks you told something that was supposed to make your bullshit sound like something that were supposed to make sense , fucking shit

    • If you don't like what I told you, you shouldn't have commented at all. Follow your own advice, fool.

    • No you handicapped shit , you shouldn't have commented if you didn't liked the post , it is pretty clear that those posts are for those who like this kind of stuff , not for the dicks who don't understand shit , go fucking kill yourself

    • Perhaps you have an anger management issue.

    • No is just that you are fucking annoying , if you see a post that you don't like just don't comment , i didn't wanted to start a fucking argument , dick , it was for all those who like this kind of stuff , shit head

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