Wife’s cousin

I fucked my wifes cousin Kim all the time.
Can’t share everything but kim was staying with us while she wAs getting divorced with her 3 kids
I was sitting on the couch with her she was sorta laying under a blanket
She put her feet on me
My wife was not due to be home from work for a hour.
Kims daughters and my son was on floor watching tv.
Kim and i was talking and she set up aand moved the blanket on me also.
I said what are you doing?
She put her finger to her lips and i got the hint.
I couldn’t say no and we quietly fucked inder blanket
Another time that next weekend my wife and i were out drinking and we got home kids was in bed and kim was on couch
Small house that’s where she sleeps
Wife was real drunk i put her to bed and came out and started fucking kim.
My wife in here drunk voice yells from bedroom asking where i was.
I told kim i would be back
I went to her and she just wanted to snuggle.
So i get in bed hope she passes out again
I am hard from Kim so I slipped my wifes panties down and fueled her
I got done and my wife was asleep so i snuck out.
Kim was almost asleep but i was rock hard at prospect of fucking kim then my wife then back in lon again i crawl in between her legs and my pussy soak cock went in her again.
So i got to dump in both the same night

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  • Learn how to fucking spell and then rewrite this fantasy ass hole!

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