Little Drunk

Had a great supper last night, a lot of drinks. My wife was really drunk and I could see my buddy checking her out, so when the evening was winding down my wife went to bed, I told my buddy to go hop in with her.

I followed him in the bed room where he stripped down and pulled back the covers, my wife only had her panties on, my buddy began fondling her tits, and rubbing her belly, she was just moaning and kept her eyes closed. He pulled her hand onto his hard cock and she began stroking it. It turned me on so much! Then he began to finger her, and she was stroking him hard and fast. My buddy looked at me, and I nodded and said fuck her! At that point her eyes opened and she had the look of what the fuck......She then just closed her eyes and said fucking do it. My buddy opened her legs and stuck his bareback cock inside her and began pounding her pussy, my wifes tits were bouncing and she was moaning. After a bit of fucking she had an orgasm and and pulled him right into her. I could see my buddy was going to cum, I said don't fucking cum in her! I heard her say, CUM IN ME! At that point my buddy began to cum, he did pull out but was squirting his load as it came out of her. Shot straight up her landing strip pussy, and I'm sure at least one shot went into her.

She hasn't woke up yet, but I'm still so fucking turned on seeing my buddy pound my wifes pussy!

2 months ago

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    • My wife Amy and her old BF Bill split because of jobs 1,000 apart. They still talk on the phone and text. She sorta talks of him like she would a girlfriend. I overhear them talking about shopping and cooking. Any ways she doing cartwheels because he's coming for 2 days, she tells him he's can stay here.
      The first day the go to the mall. Later she models the matching Wonder Bra and panties set she bought. I'm like WTF -- but guess he's seen it all before -- but other than that -- they act like old classmates. The 2nd night Amy and Bill make this 5 star Veal Oscar. We have cocktail and kill a bottle of French wine -- then Bill and I spit roast Amy. Next morning I was like fuck, we both fucked Amy. But those 2 were like it never happened, They take a shower together, I'm pretty sure she gave him a blowjob, cause I never took a shower with her and not get one. She drives him to the airport. Sometimes during pillow talk she says how cool being spit roast was. How spontaneous it was, a real buck list box check. 10 years ago

    • Your a lucky guy for your wife to do this. I would love for my wife to try this.

    • So, we are to believe your friend jumped in bed w your wife and realized it wasn't you, she was cool w it? sound's like she already getting some elsewhere dinkleberry...

    • Wow I been trying to work up the nerve to do that for so long let me know what she said in the morning

    • Not to much, asked if I liked it. I said she should maybe try him when she was a little less drunk. So looks like it will happen again very soon.

    • Watching your wife get fucked by another guy is great. Fucking her after he has come in her is even better! Why didn't you want him to come in her? Is it possible that he impregnated her?

    • Maybe he can pay child support....

    • I’m not sure I want him to impregnate her.

    • Go ahead fuck her!

      YEA RIGHT.....AS IF

    • Yup. I love dirty chat. While I’m fucking or even watching!

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