Drinking at our wifes friends house in the afternoon and planned our night out in town. My wifes friend is good looking. Nice body and ass.

We had our change of clothes to get changed before we head out into the city. Wife was drinking and drunk but was able to manage. We went into the bathroom to get changed. Was helping my wife get into her dress. Took her panties off played with her for a bit bent her over and I was eating her pussy and I was masturbating. While I was licking her pussy, I saw her friends dirty panties in the laundry basket.

I picked it up and had a quick look. Got super horny and want to lick her panties and eat my wife out to. There was white crusts on the panty and kinda wet would have worn them to gym. So I thought I would give that to my wife to wear. So I put it her bag and then pulled it out and said here you go. Wear these. She was unaware she is wearing her friends dirty panties for the whole night dancing and drinking. I was horny as fuck.

We went back to her place and I fucked my wife and put the panty back in the laundry. Before putting it back I licked the panty and licked the crusts clean.

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