Drug addicted mom

So my mom left me when i was 6 months old with her mom. She only came around when she needed bail or money. It was a toxic relationship to say the least. So things roll along for almost 30 yrs before i hear from her again. Her mom (the woman who raised me ) is long dead and gone. I never married, or dated. I poured myself into my career. I get a call one night that mom has been arrested and needs to be picked up. She is now 66 years old and still whoring for drugs. I make the 4 hour drive to where she was and bail her out. I pay all outstanding fines as well. $4700 dollars later I now leave the jail with her and she has no where to go. I finally find a motel with a room and gladly take it at 2:45 am. it is a single bed room. We check in and i tell her that she has to shower before i sleep anywhere near her. She says ok and then goes to shower. I decide that with what i have spent im not sleeping beside a dirty two bit whore. i follow her into the bathroom and tell her im giving her a decent scrubbing if i have to share a bed with her. there was no objection on her part. i wash every part of her, even the intimate ones. we head to bed and she jokes( so i thought ) about how it must be hard to be a man in my position. she then takes my Di*k in her hands and strokes me. I f**ked my old whore mom that night. She came home with me. With all the restrictions the virus has brought on, she is living with me, and i F**k her at least once a day. according to my calculations she will have paid her debt to me in 2027, so ive got a steady source of p***y for for now!!!!!

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  • My mother is like yours, hook on heroin for years. When I was 24 i had a great job and was on my own. Mom was 40 and lost her apartment and begged to live with me.

    In the end I agreed, she still was hooked on heroin and I gave her money for it but she had to do it at home as I wanted to protect her from doing it on the street and I could also control her use. After a month I had gotten her to doctors and dentist for much needed medical check ups. She was in fair health considering the drug use.

    A week later she came to my bedroom and said, you saved my life I've given nothing but hell all your life. I'm so sorry I can only repay you with my body and she dropped her robe and was naked. I was shocked, I said Mom. But she put a finger to my lips and said, Baby your the only man that loved me in my life. I want this for us. I'm clean I have no STD's or HIV. Please I want to feel good and loved.

    I was hard by then and just gave in. The sex was very good. Soon we shared my bed every night and live as a couple. We both said it felt so right and natural being lovers. Mom got clean by us going 69 when she needed a fix. I made sure we fucked everyday and came alot. We only barebacked and at 41, mom got pregnant We moved to a house and started wearing wedding rings.

    25 years later, we are completely in love and our daughter graduated Yale Law School. The sex is still incredible.

  • Great story! Incest=love

  • Oh yes! Incest = Love!
    More than other partnerships. Incest is a Feeling!

  • If I were you, I would have been fucking your daughter when she was in high school.

  • I’m glad my mom never did Drugs.

  • You should definitely wear a condom! Or get her to the sexual health clinic before fucking her again!

  • I wonder how many dudes she has let fuck her for drugs over the years? 500, 1,000. more??

  • You Mother Fucker!

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