Got jealous of my sister and my son

I'm a single mum in my 40's and got jealous of my sister and son flirting so i desided to do something about it,I started to wear skimpy outfits for him to notice me,for a week i was dressing like that and didn't think it was working until he called me to come to his bedroom when i pushed the door open he was standing naked fully aroused,he asked if i liked his dick to which i nodded to and before i knew what was happening he was all over me taking control,he got me on his bed with my ass in the air i looked round at him and he was pouring baby oil over his dick,I asked him why he was doing that for and he answered you're going to get ass fucked and with that i felt his dick touching my butt hole and he gently pushed it in,the first minutes wasn't to bad then he picked up the pace slamming his full 8inc in me each time making me scream out,I felt so weak i had no energy left and i couldn't keep my ass up for him so i ended up flat on my stomach as he pounded me until i felt him start to cum, afterwards he acted like it was all normal asking me what my i was up to the rest of the day.

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  • How about I face-fuck you as your son BUTT-FUCKS you ?

  • Wtf?

  • Mother and son sex is so hot!

  • My mom hates my girlfriend. I know it's because she's jealous of her. My girlfriend is so loud when we fuck, there is no way my mom could not hear us.
    When puberty hit me at 15, I did think of fucking my mom's great body a lot when I would jack off. I knew her body so completely. Now at 18 I have my first girlfriend and we fuck as often as we can, which ends up being 4 days a week due to our schedules.

    I confronted my mom asking her why she hated my girlfriend? She didn't want to say at first, but finally did admit she was jealous because my gf sounds like she is really enjoying herself with me. She then told me my dad usually is done before she even cums.

    I told my mom that I used to think of her when I masturbated, and that I am always horny. I told her I could have sex 3-5 times a day, everyday, if time allowed. In other words, I have 3 days free per week, with time for more. My mom was floored by my admission. After some hesitation though, she said that she wanted to do it.

  • I know this is a story but most mothers are jealous of their son's girlfriends/wife's because of a sexual chemistry that exists between a mother and son. All mothers and sons always have a strong bond to one another and sex is a natural progression for a mother and son.

  • Same person writes all this spaces and commas and poor spelling. Hustler must have rejected his stories.

  • My fantasy son. Now wake up, you creamed your PJ's

  • Lol

  • Every mother and son should have sex! It's so beneficial to sons!!

  • Definitely, it reduces teenage rage due to an increase in testosterone.

  • I love watching my cock fucking my mom's pussy.

  • It sounds a bit unreal but it could be true, I know mum sex is the ultimate taboo, once you've done it its the best in the world and at the same time is very special, you will guilty after but very soon after you will be at it again after a while the guilt will go, if this post is true good luck.

  • This post is so true!! That guilt soon disappears!

  • My mom did not let me in her ass until 6 months after we started. She said she had never let a man in her ass, not even my Dad. She was a virgin that way. She got drunk that night and let we do it. For the last 2 years she wants it that way all the time.

    She never swallows my cum any more, I miss fucking her pussy too.

  • I don't believe your mom would let your very first fuck be anal. It never happened.

  • I agree. I think we have to call bs on this one

  • Shame he didn't have normal intercourse with you! Mother/son sex is so hot!

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